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Thanks to the power of the internet, digital marketers today have access to unprecedented amounts of consumer data. What is webmaster tools google analytics Unfortunately, many businesses are still not making the most of it. Webmaster tools 404 Departments are siloed, campaigns are inefficient, and the disparity between large companies with big marketing budgets and small companies with limited budgets seems to be growing ever wider. Webmaster tools google remove url If you are an optimist like me, whenever a problem arises, you view it as an opportunity.

Seo tools webmaster However, much of the data found in Magnetic and Retail TouchPoints’ recent research report, “Inbox Love” (registration required), shows that marketers are approaching problems as challenges and failing to see the potential for growth. Webmaster tools iphone For us to achieve our goals, we must look at our problems and reframe them as opportunities to improve. Sitemap webmaster tools Coordinate data silos I’m not the first to point out that data represents the biggest opportunity for marketers. Outils webmaster firefox The closer you get to combining data silos, the closer … [Read more…]

Sometimes when I’m talking to search marketers, I feel a little bit like Jan Brady – but instead of everything being about “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha,” the conversation turns to “mobile, mobile, mobile” as we ponder the potential micro-moments and ways to increase a brand’s mobile presence. Webmaster tools broken links We are now seven years into the mobile revolution and have seen huge opportunities and growth in mobile advertising, both in the US and in emerging markets. Webmaster tools verify site The continuous growth in mobile queries as they officially outnumber desktop queries on Google and show no signs of slowing down has led a shift in the marketing mix of mobile versus desktop advertising in search. Webmaster tools chrome This makes sense – according to Gartner, global smartphone sales were expected to hit 1.5B units in 2016, reaching market saturation in most developed countries. Add url webmaster tools But I wouldn’t give up on desktop search quite yet and move all of my advertising dollars to mobile, and here’s why. Webmaster tools mobile site [M]arketers always overestimate the appeal of new things and … [Read more…]

R.I.P. Webmaster tools plugin Twitter favorites. G webmaster tools In a seemingly small but symbolically significant move, Twitter announced today that it is replacing favorites with likes and changing the icon from the familiar star to a heart. Submit url webmaster tools Twitter’s motive? To make Twitter easier to understand for new users, a quest that has taken on increasing urgency as the company struggles to entice more people to make regular use of its service. Webmaster tools verification wordpress Favorites have long been one of those quirky Twitter features that inspires essays by power users. Googles webmaster tools Some use them to bookmark tweets with links for reading later, others use them to send various subtle signals to authors of tweets: the hate fave, the LOL fave, the too-hot-to-retweet fave, the conversation-ending fave and so on. Webmaster tools page speed Of course, many of the those signals weren’t understood by their intended recipients, which is likely one of the reasons Twitter is making this change. Webmaster tools remove url Product manager Akarshan Kumar explained Twitter’s thinking in a blog post: We want to make … [Read more…]

Going all the way back to 2009, Microsoft’s search engine outlined its initial goals of leveraging semantic search. Https webmaster tools Bing noted how it introduced specific verticals (“like Health and Travel”), and offered “left rail categories” to help users drill down into the information they wanted: Searching for Chicago would show you both categories for the city and the band, and only return results that made sense for that category. Webmaster tools mobile friendly Later in the year, we built additional vertical experiences that cleanly segregated the mass of web content into understandable and logical experiences, like TV entertainment, Shopping, electronics, and more. Webmaster tools tutorial Bing Search Results Page from 2009: In 2010, Bing said it began partnerships with Facebook and Twitter to index content from the social sites and add a “unique human perspective” to its search queries. Webmaster tools url By 2011, Bing began building its touch-first experience to adapt its mobile search capabilities, introducing new features … [Read more…]

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