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He offered to schedule a chat with me to clear up any misunderstandings I might have about XML-RPC and how Jetpack actually helps protect against those types of brute force attacks.

Should be an interesting conversation about WordPress security right on the heels of a zero day vulnerability in the REST API and Wordfence’s report on XML-RPC being a favorite way for hackers to run a brute force attack.

I’ve got a post coming for you soon with more on those Tier 3 support conversations, but we’re all still doing some research.

Sitemap webmaster tools So, when we have final answers, I’ll publish.

Catch my post from yesterday about why you need to convert your site to HTTPS too, even if you don’t sell anything or take passwords or such, and why you want to do it sooner rather than later.

Every WordPress security site on the internet is covering this story about how hackers immediately jumped on that zero day vulnerability in WordPress 4.7.1 the minute it was publicly announced last week.

And let that be a warning to y’all who have multiple sites on the same cPanel account, including test sites you have perhaps forgotten about. Outils webmaster firefox You have to keep them updated too.

So, if you’re using the free version of WordFence, your site could be vulnerable for up to a month before they roll out the latest protection to you. Webmaster tools broken links And that doesn’t sound like something worth having to me. Webmaster tools verify site Google Search Console Changes Confusing Notification Wording

Google Search Console, formerly Google Webmaster Tools, has been sending notifications to site owners whenever it detects that their WordPress software is out of date. Webmaster tools chrome Well, the wording in those notifications has been a bit confusing, or even alarming.

I’m so sorry to hear this! One of my fave plugins, Revision Control is no longer being supported. Add url webmaster tools It hasn’t been updated in a year already and there is now a note on the plugin’s page in the WordPress repository that it won’t be updated in the future.

But a couple of them reached out to the plugin creator and discovered that they were in violation of the extremely strict policies that WP has in place for free plugins listed in the repo.

Another popular local caching plugin, WP Super Cacher, had multiple XSS security holes that were patched lately. Webmaster tools mobile site So, if you’re using that, be sure to keep it and all of your plugins updated. Webmaster tools plugin Get a Better Caching Plugin

And seriously consider the benefit of a paid plugin like WP Rocket, that has less headaches and security issues and superior support. G webmaster tools Backup Tips BlogVault Hack Follow Up

Two of my clients received notification from BlogVault that their sites had been exposed due to the hack at the mother company. Submit url webmaster tools But only one of those sites was actually hacked.

So, if you can see an HTTPS version of your site, but it hasn’t been converted yet, don’t freak out, even if it looks goofy. Webmaster tools verification wordpress Google is not indexing that version. Googles webmaster tools And it’s not likely that any of your site visitors are taking the extra time to type in https in the URL, so they are not seeing it either. Webmaster tools page speed World’s Largest CA Comodo and Web Hosting Platform Leader cPanel Join Forces to Enable Automated SSL Encryption for the Web

All of this is great. Webmaster tools remove url But, the way they may be doing their certificate authentication is what I’m in discussion with Tier 3 support about right now. Https webmaster tools I’ll keep you posted on that as we learn more. Webmaster tools mobile friendly What Is HSTS and How Do I Implement It?

Made a couple of plugins not work. Webmaster tools tutorial I set the PHP down to 5.6 and all was well. Webmaster tools url So, just watch for that as we are in this transition period of moving up to version 7. Webmaster tools sitemap Not all plugins and themes are ready for it. Login webmaster tools And you may need to think about getting new plugins for those that aren’t on the ball with this. Webmaster tools disavow links Content Marketing Tips Kenny Jahng’s Epic List of 134 Free Stock Photography Websites

Thanks so much to webmaster Terry Green of BizEase Support Solutions for clarifying that verifying your domain related email address with MailChimp is different from authenticating it.

This is just one great example of how webmasters are helping each other in our private Facebook group. Webmaster tools tools It is exclusively available to Webmaster Level 6 members in my Webmaster Training courses.

You may remember a post I highlighted a couple of months ago in Tips Tuesday with a way to filter out spam bots from Google Analytics. Keywords webmaster tools Well, that was the easy way, but the info was a bit out of date.

But, the truth is, you’re turning away free traffic, and lots of it, if you don’t enhance what you’re already doing with just a few SEO tactics that will take maybe :30 seconds to do.

Look for a new workshop in the near future when I open the DIY SEO course back up to the public again. Google webmaster tools google analytics Hosting Tips Is StudioPress Sites Just Rainmaker in a New Outfit?

I’m glad someone finally had the guts to ask this question. Webmaster tools app I’m especially happy it came from Carrie Dils, as I have mad respect for her as a long-time Genesis user and developer.

She gives us an in-depth comparison of the new StudioPress Sites product compared to the Rainmaker product, which is another managed hosting solution from the makers of Genesis.

Yeah, sure it’s way more than typical shared hosting. How to get webmaster tools verification code But when you look at the cost of other managed hosting services, like WPEngine at $100/mo, then the StudioPress Sites price tag of $24/mo is suddenly easy to swallow.

It’s hosted on Synthesis, just like Rainmaker, so maybe more details about those things are available there. On the webmaster tools home page I haven’t checked because I just can’t see recommending this to many folks at this time. Webmaster tools crawl Most of my clients likely have way too much traffic for that. Webmaster tools meta tag Wrap Up

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