The european files _ industry 4.0 _ a technological evolution, a productivity revolution

The transformation promised by Industry 4.0 is an enormous opportunity in terms of jobs, growth and improving people’s lives. New innovations in software technology New and emerging technologies are key drivers for the development of innovative products, processes and services and offer opportunities for both small and large enterprises.

There is scope for more action to modernise European industry and to take advantage of the increasing inter-linkages between goods and services. List of new innovations Europe is well placed to achieve this as it still has a leading position in many manufacturing and services industries and in both digital and key enabling technologies.

The Commission has already built a strong industrial dimension into its major initiatives. New innovations login The Single Market Strategy and the Digital Single Market Strategy are designed to establish a truly single market to further encourage innovation and industrial modernisation.

New and innovative ideas for business However, more needs to be done in order to help our industry and our society prepare for the future. New inventions and innovations Most of all, the actions proposed by the Commission need the support of the Member States, regions and industry itself to make it all happen on the ground.

The Commission’s industrial initiatives address the needs of specific sectors where new technologies can have the biggest impact, as well as the general business environment. New innovations in computer technology 2015 Current major initiatives target the automotive, space, defence and energy industries.

Connected cars and autonomous driving require automotive digitalisation. New innovations in educational technology The Commission recognised the urgent need for an EU strategy and it launched the GEAR 2030 high- level group gathering relevant stakeholders, ministers and Commissioners which will make first recommendations on the roll out of automated and connected vehicles by the end of this year.

The emergence of new competitive actors in the space sector stimulated Europe to create a more agile and dynamic environment able to match businesses’ needs. New innovations in healthcare technology The Commission’s Space Strategy launched in October aims at fostering the take-up of space data by innovative businesses, promoting the emergence of new space-based applications and services, and creating a predictable investment environment for industry and start-ups to flourish. New innovations residency This will enable Europe to benefit from its space investments and help the EU space industry to remain a world leader.

Innovation-related technologies also have a great impact in the defence sector. New innovations in mobile technology European industry must meet Europe’s mid-to-long term strategic defence needs. New innovations in banking technology The Commission’s European Defence Action Plan will identify ways EU programmes and funds can be used to support projects related to European defence needs. New innovations residency login Moreover, a European Defence Fund, will for the first time fund research in this particular area.

However, Europe needs to predict when these technologies will be viable. New innovations 2014 To this aim, the High-Level Expert Group on Energy Intensive Industries might provide the Commission with expertise and insight, helping in the development of solid policies in this field.

On top of sector specific actions, Commission’s initiatives with a horizontal focus address the major framework conditions for stimulating European economic growth. New innovations resident login A skilled European workforce and dynamic and strong start-ups are two of the major areas where the Commission has concentrated its initiatives.

Therefore, it is imperative to enable the existing European workforce and rising generations to acquire the right skills that industry needs now and in the future.

The initiative “Blueprint for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills”, launched this year under the “New EU Skills Agenda”, will help mobilise and coordinate key players, encourage private investment and promote more strategic use of relevant EU and national funding programmes.

Nowadays, start-ups contribute to the economy as much as to the marketplace for ideas and talent. What is new innovations Moreover, start-ups scaling up into bigger firms increase innovation and competitiveness, strengthening the entire European economy. New innovations and inventions However, too often these promising start-ups fizzle out rather than turn into European and global winners. Best new innovations The Com- mission’s Start-up and Scale-up initiative aims to remove existing barriers, create the right opportunities and ensure access to finance across the EU.

These initiatives can reinforce each other. New innovations in packaging technology To make sure this happens, the Smart Specialisation Platform on Industrial Modernisation will provide the right instruments to combine, not only Commission’s actions, but also actions at the national or regional level. New innovations in medical technology By channelling technical and financial advisory services, this platform will support European regions and Member States as they work together, developing a pipeline of investment projects connected to their smart specialisation priority areas related to industrial modernisation.

The Commission has assumed the role of enabler and its range of initiatives are evidence of the way it has adjusted its policy-making to the smart industry of the future. New innovations of 2014 In my view, only by joining forces with all relevant players and working in partnership with businesses, will we make sure that the opportunities of this fourth industrial revolution are seized by all European industry.

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