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The String API is how you get language text strings to use in the user interface. Php classes bhopal It handles internationalisation issues, and will use a number of settings and environment variables to present the best text to every user. Online php training in hyderabad Moodle has a mechanism that allows a number of places to be searched (in order) to find language strings.

Les classes php This enables language strings to be packaged with plugins and avoids the step of having to copy the language files over to the language directory when a plugin is installed.

Moodle also provide general string functions like substr, strlen etc. Php classes org for multibyte safe, string operations. Php classes in mumbai andheri It uses mbstring or iconv for UTF-8 strings and falls back to typo3.

Language support for plugin(s) is added by creating a lang subdirectory in the plugin directory. Php classes nagpur The structure of the lang directory is then the same as the “main” language directory.

Plugin language file name needs to start with the generic type for the plugin. Php how to use classes For example all questiontype plugins must be prefixed qtype_, all authentication plugins auth_. Php classes and objects tutorial Moodle uses this prefix to identify the language search path.

Name of the string is added to a pre-defined array $string. Php using classes tutorial If you want to a string “Editing Quiz” with string name “editingquiz” in Drag & Drop plugin then add the following in qtype_dragdrop.php language file.

Example for displaying string “This is my plug-in” in any language that supports on your site, then you need to use the following identifier in language file (located in appropriate lang directory)

If you want to substitute value in the language string then use {$a} for substituting value. Php framework classes in pune $a is an object, string or number that can be used within translation strings. Understanding php classes The variable has to be $a, and it has to be in single quotes. Best php classes For example, if you want to display answer number in Drag & drop plugin then add

In Moodle 2.3 there is a new argument to this function $lazyload. Php classes nyc Setting $lazyload to true causes get_string to return a lang_string object rather than the string itself.

The fetching of the string is then put off until the string object is first used. Using php classes The object can be used by calling it’s out method or by casting the object to a string, either directly e.g.

In Moodle 2.3 a special class (lang_string) is used to create an object representation of a string request. Php programming classes In this case string processing doesn’t occur until the object is first used. Php classes and objects w3schools The class was created especially to aid performance in areas where strings were required to be generated but were not necessarily used. Online php training free As an example the admin navigation tree when generated uses over 1500 strings, of which normally only 1/3 are ever actually printed at any time. Learn php classes The performance advantage is achieved by not actually processing strings that aren’t being used, as such reducing the processing required for the page.

Most of function listed above are just handful wrappers for the methods provided by the string manager class. Online php training in india Some strings related functionality is available only via directly calling the manager’s methods.

The factory function get_string_manager() returns singleton instance of core_string_manager_install in early stages of the site installation, or instance of core_string_manager_standard in all normal situations. Class in php tutorial w3schools These managers implement interface core_string_manager. Php mysql classes in pune Methods provided by the interface are

get_string() Returns the given component string localised in the given language. Php classes explained Can be used to obtain the translation of the string in the other language than the current user’s language. Php classes for mysql queries string_exists() Does the given string actually exist? This is typically checked by a code like if (get_string_manager ( ) -> string_exists ( ‘stringidentifier’ , ‘component_name’ ) ) { // Do something. Php institute in pune } string_deprecated() Has the string been deprecated? See String deprecation for details. Working with classes in php get_list_of_countries() Returns a localised list of all country names, sorted by country keys. Php list all classes get_list_of_languages() Returns a localised list of languages, sorted by code keys. Php classes pune translation_exists() Checks if the translation exists for the given language. Classes em php get_list_of_translations() Returns localised list of installed language packs. Php using classes get_list_of_currencies() Returns localised list of known currencies. Php objects and classes load_component_strings() Loads all strings for one component. Php coaching classes in pune reset_caches() Invalidates all caches, should the manager use some. Php classes in mumbai get_revision() Returns string revision counter. How to use class in php w3schools Custom string managers

Plugins can provide custom implementation of the string manager. Php functions and classes This is supposed to be used in experimental and/or development scenarios only, not in typical production environment. Php programming classes online See MDL-49361 for use cases and implementation details. Online php classes free An example of such an implementation can be found at moodle-local_stringman.git repository.

// Custom string manager class can be defined in the main config.php file. Php online classes for free $CFG -> customstringmanager = ‘\local_stringman\dummy_string_manager’ ; textlib (core_text) class

textlib class provide pool of safe functions to operate on UTF-8 text. Php classes mumbai textlib provide set of static functions to operate on strings and gets included in setup.php

The lang_string object is designed to be used in any situation where a string may not be needed, but needs to be generated. Php online training hyderabad The admin navigation tree is a good example of where lang_string objects should be used. Php classes in hyderabad ameerpet A more practical example would be any class that requries strings that may not be printed (after all classes get renderer by renderers and who knows what they will do ;))

Don’t use lang_strings when you are going to use a string immediately. Classes php 5 There is no need as it will be processed immediately and there will be no advantage, and in fact perhaps a negative hit as a class has to be instantiated for a lang_string object, however get_string won’t require that.

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