Stomach problems for anorexics and bulimics

Anorexics and bulimics often suffer from a variety of physical ailments related to their eating disorders. What is ct scan test Anorexics or those who fear weight gain and combat it by decreasing their caloric intake, can suffer from the effects of malnutrition including a weakening of the stomach muscles, ulcers, and stomach “shrinking” or distending. Chest ct scan results Bulimics, or individuals who routinely binge and then purge, can also suffer from stomach problems such as a similar weakening of the stomach muscles, ruptures or tears in the stomach walls, stomach pain or a general upset stomach and stomach ulcers. Full meaning of ct scan These problems all present very real health risks, and if left untreated they can even lead to death.

Anorexia and Stomach ProblemsWhen anorexics severely limit their caloric intake they often lose a great amount of weight in a short amount of time, leaving them at least 15% below a weight that would be considered healthy for their age and height. What is a ct brain scan used for This weight loss leaves them with little body fat, but it can also reduce general muscle mass and tone as well, including a weakening of the stomach muscles and possible damage to the nerves which signal the stomach to digest and pass food. Tomography ct scan If this occurs there can be delays in how efficiently the stomach empties when food is introduced. Lung ct scan This situation is often referred to as delayed stomach emptying or gastroparesis.

If stomach emptying takes too long, food can actually ferment in the stomach and cause bacterial problems. Understanding chest ct scan Food can also harden in the stomach, forming solid lumps known as bezoars, which themselves can cause stomach pain and vomiting. Sinus ct scan machine In addition to these concerns, anorexia can also lead to ulcers in the stomach when there is no food to protect the stomach walls from stomach acids, and a hard, swollen distended stomach can result from both bacterial infections and ulcers. Sinus ct scan polyps The lack of food ingested by anorexics can also lead to “shrunk” stomachs that feel fuller faster and can not accommodate normal amounts of food until they are gently “stretched” with slightly larger snacks and meals.

Bulimia and Stomach ProblemsIn contrast to anorexics, bulimics generally have stomach problems that are related to eating too much food in one sitting (binging) and then getting rid of this food either by inducing vomiting or taking laxatives (purging). Spiral ct scan Bulimics can also suffer from weakened stomach muscles, damaged nerves and resulting gastroparesis which means that they can also suffer from bacterial problems, bezoars, and distended stomachs. Cat scan v ct scan Bulimics can also suffer from stomach ulcers due to the constant presence of stomach acid (particularly in those who vomit as a means of purging). What does ct scan Repeating purging can also lead to ruptures or tears in the stomach wall, and general feelings of nausea and stomach pain even if no binging or purging has occurred that day.

Stomach problems are just a few of the health risks that accompany both anorexia and bulimia. Brain ct scan price philippines Unfortunately these problems can be incredibly painful and long-lasting, and almost all of them can lead to greater health problems if they are not treated immediately. Ct scan chest If left unexamined, stomach problems associated with eating disorders could even lead to death, so any consistent stomach problem should be investigated by a medical professional as soon as possible.

I have suffered depression and anorexia my whole life on and off since I was 12 due to stress in house hold. Average cost of ct scan without insurance I recently decided enough is enough and I’ve started with little by little getting back to the basics like soup and pnut butter and guacamole but it seems every time I put something in my stomach it starts to hurt and get queezy and I vomit it up mostly milk products or liquids. Ct scan abdomen and pelvis I’ve never vomited before (not bullemic) and I honestly hate the feeling of vomiting when I’m trying so hard. Ct scan brain bone window I have OCD tendencies could it be that I’m trying to eat too much at once and my stomach isn’t used to it? Mostly it’s when I have milk products but sometimes it’s when I’m just having water. Neck ct scan I feel weak and I know I can battle this.

I will start from the beginning in 1992 /93 I was 22 years old and I wanted to be thin. What is a pet scan vs ct scan I also loved to eat so I became a bulimic and it was the worst probably in my late 20s to mid 30s.. Full body ct scan with contrast I would go out and buy fast food 4 to 5 times a day and it’s was an enormous amount of food .it’s become less in the last 10 years since my mid 30s.. Abdominal ct scan interpretation I don’t think of it like that anymore as a compulsive disorder. Is a ct scan and cat scan the same It’s like a roitinerary that has become part of life.I have been lucky up until 2 months ago and it strated with sovereign back pain that caused me to hardly move and when I did move it hurt and lasted for 3 weeks. Ct scan abdomen and pelvis with oral contrast In the last 2 months I have been very swollen in the abdominal area and the hips and I have only been 113 in weight and I walked miles everyday to try to have some healthy life style.I wake up shakey. Abdominal ct scan for colon cancer I have this sick and hard to explain feeling from my throat through my esophagus to my stomach. Ct scan of maxillary sinus I get sharp pains in my upper abdomen.I have spasms in my esophagus and wakeup out of a sleep when I can sleep with my heart racing . Nodules on chest ct scan I now have acid reflux and am always uncomfortable in my body. Before ct scan In the last 2 months , I have had ct , mri, mrcp, endoscopy,endoscopic ultrasound and a ton of lab work and for most part it’s NORMAL….HOW??? 23 yeas of this and it’s normal. Cost of ct scan for cats I have elevated bilirubin and I feel so sick inside. Cancer on ct scan Like I said it’s un unbelievable feeling inside my body that is hard to explain. Ct scan of chest I don’t eat much and vomit as much as I use to in the early days.I haven’t for some time but it’s still there like routine . Cost of ct scan in bangalore I’m lookingfor similar experience to seek answers since we know all these symptoms are not how can all the test be normal …

Wilting_Flower, I am no expert,but I would like to think that it is never late for anyone,not even for you! I can only imagine what you have been through, however you know that your eating disorder is because you had no control over your life and you realize it, you know how it all started,so focus on that, take baby steps as things cannot change overnight but they can change and they will change for the better gradually, till it is finally resolved. Does chest ct scan show esophagus You can work with nutritionists and do counceling, figure out more and get to the bottom of this.Remember, one step at a time…I wish you the very best and fill us in on your progress!

I’m pretty sure I have a problem with Anorexia, not because I believe I am fat or need to lose weight, I just have over time eaten less and less and lately I have been feeling a lot of stomach pain, which I keep thinking is an ulcer. Ct scan parts Even if I eat something, I feel hungry again in about an hour, but don’t usually eat again. Ct scan results for cancer Eating has become more like a chore to me. What is a ct scan used to detect I don’t enjoy food like I used to. Ct scan long form At 5’9″ I used to weigh 218 pounds at my heaviest, but lately I am anywhere between 140 and 155 pounds. Que es ct scan I just find it so difficult to even want to eat because nothing ever sounds appealing to me. What does a ct scan reveal What’s worse is that I have chronic back pain and am on prescription medications to help relieve some of the pain and I don’t normally eat before taking them. How do they do a ct scan of the head I can feel myself just dying inside, slowly and I don’t want to, but I just am not excited about good food anymore. Dye in ct scan I can’t eat normal sized meals and finish maybe half before giving up. Ct scan for cancer diagnosis I just don’t want eating to feel like a chore anymore? What can I do to get my health back without stuffing my face every other hour?

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