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Since its inception, PHP has moved from a procedural language to an object-oriented one; some of its procedural roots, however, still linger. Php objects and classes One of these procedural remnants is an antique method of accessing SQL databases; many programmers still use the older mysql and postgresql procedural modules to access databases, and even those who have switched to newer methods, like mysqli, might still be hampered by the fact that such a module only works with mysqli. Php coaching classes in pune PHP has since implemented better methods, but many procedural PHP developers are unsure of how to use newer, object-oriented MySQL connection methods.

Php classes in mumbai Let’s delve into one of them, PDO, to see how it works! Why Use PDO?

This one could be a book in and of itself, but the short answer is this: Many PHP programmers are still using legacy mysql or mysqli connections; PDO (which stands for “PHP Data Object”) was designed to offer an object-oriented, database-generic way of accessing and manipulating databases. How to use class in php w3schools It offers the best of both worlds; it’s object-oriented, unlike the procedural mysql module, and it’s database-agnostic, unlike the mysqli module, making it a great solution for a PHP program that interfaces with databases, MySQL or otherwise. Php functions and classes Step 1: Make sure your PHP install supports PDO

This can be found out by running a phpinfo page. Php programming classes online If you see “pdo_mysql” on the page, then you’re good to go; most installations above PHP 5.3 will have it enabled by default. Online php classes free If not, follow these steps: Windows

For previous PHP/MySQL users, that looks quite a bit different, but in fact it’s not all that hard to follow; those programmers used to procedural languages, however, might be a little lost. Php online classes for free What’s happening here is instead of connecting using mysql_connect, as you might be used to, you are instead creating an object (properly called a database handle object)whose functions you will call to perform queries on the database. Php classes mumbai It’s an object-oriented interface through which you’ll manipulate the database.

By the way, PDO is in fact database-agnostic. Php online training hyderabad It has many different drivers for different databases, including PostgreSQL, Firebird, Oracle, ODBC, SQLite, and more. Php classes in hyderabad ameerpet All you have to do to migrate to a different database is change the database driver type, like so:

You’ll notice now that it’s using Microsoft SQL! Very easy, and far more interchangeable than mysql or mysqli. Classes php 5 Connecting to SQLite databases is a little different, since SQLite databases are actually local files stored on the machine. Php extending classes To connect to one of those, use this line:

This interchangeability makes PDO enormously useful when writing a PHP program that needs to be able to interface with different databases, and not just MySQL. Classes and objects php All you have to do is change the database type in your original connect call and you’re set! Step 3: Communicating with the database: exec and query

A connection with the database is all well and good, but it’s not going to be much use to us if we can’t manipulate it at all. Php useful classes PDO’s method of handling queries in SQL is to have two functions: PDO::exec and PDO::query; PDO::exec is used for running queries that do not return information (like INSERT or UPDATE queries, for example) while PDO::query is used for queries that return information (like SELECT).

As you can see, the method for fetching the rows from a query is a little different from the procedural MySQL. Php classes repository Instead of all that business with mysql_get_results, the method is implemented in a nice little for loop.

So what’s the difference between these two? Well, PDO::exec doesn’t return results; it’s simply used to run queries that affect rows and don’t require output returned to them. Array of classes php PDO::query can technically be used in place of PDO::exec for running queries that just affect rows, but PDO::exec is much faster and useful for that purpose. What are php classes Step 4: PDO::quote

Some more zealous coders among you might notice that the queries above are quite vulnerable to SQL injection and other malicious strings. Php classes in baroda PDO offers a function to help with that as well called PDO::quote. Learn php classes and objects PDO::quote works by quoting the input string and escapes while putting single quotes within the input string, stopping your SQL server from happily running queries it wasn’t designed to:

The above tutorial has shown you a little bit of PDO, how to use it, and why it’s attractive to developers. Classes for php in mumbai It is, of course, far deeper than the very basic introduction tutorial given above: PDO has prepared statements, fetching abilities, transactional capabilities, and more. Using classes in php Those are outside the scope of this article (though not outside the scope of a future article, potentially). Php classes in nagpur The point of this article was more to introduce PDO to programmers who have been using the mysql or mysqli modules, and give them an idea of why they might want to switch over to PDO! Help us spread the word!

I am an experienced OOP programmer/developer, and I believe that the programming examples were extremely relevant. Php classes in indore Mr. Online php classes Cole put in much effort and ensured that the programming templates were relevant and workeable.

Trainer was extremely knowledgeable. Useful php classes I really appreciate as trainer helped me understand avro files and how to load them which was one of my expectations out of this course.

Great presentation of material and engagement of the class. Php classes for dummies Learned a lot about services that I have been aligned with for years and got a better and deeper understanding of the content and data behind these transactions.

I come from a Java background, and Android seems natural for me to pick up. How to use php classes and objects Guy made the transition from Java to Android very easy. Php tutorial classes and objects He is a very good teacher. Php working with classes I enjoyed this training.

Android Application Development class is cutting edge. Php classes for beginners It covers best of both worlds – the basics and advanced SDK functions. Best php classes in pune The project is very relevant to the course.

The Android App Development class was very effective for me. Free php classes In just two days, I learned enough material to get me started on my own. Php classes in navi mumbai Instructor and facility were both top notch!

This was an intense 3-day course. Php classes san diego The great part though is you don’t need to remember everything. Best php classes in mumbai As long as you complete the class project, you will learn many valuable lessons. Php coaching classes in mumbai I highly recommend this course!

Serge was willing and able to jump off the scheduled presentation and answer specific questions relevant to our organization, which really helped answer some important questions we had.

This course could easily have taken longer than two days, but Boris did an awesome job breaking it down into a shorter course. Php classes xml He explains and demonstrates extremely well!

I was looking for an Android bootcamp that solidified some of the basics that I already knew and progressed quickly to more advanced topics. Classes php This course definitely did that. Online php training with live project Overall, I am very happy and I have a large example set to draw from to continue to build my skills. Online training php script The lab was very practical and robust. Classes and objects in php tutorial Although it was difficult to complete, I managed to get most of it finished and the example for the lab that was provided is an excellent example as well. Classes and objects in php with example Also, the instructor was well-spoken and easy to listen to. Php classes chicago This is a huge plus.

Instructor was knowledgeable, systematic and responsive to questions. Php classes online I have enjoyed the course and have learned a lot about Hadoop. Php classes in pune kothrud GoToMeeting is an effective medium for presentations and was used very well for communication and resolving problems.

What I liked about this training was the professionalism of the course layout and Andre was full of knowledge. Free online php training video Andre took the time to answer all of my questions and made sure I was understanding everything we covered.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the classes this week! You did a great job and it was very informative! I’ve been an Oracle developer for almost 20 years now and with my busy work could never find time to get my hands on one of these new technologies. How to use php classes It was an eye opener.

Guy is a great “guy”, and did an excellent job presenting the material and ensuring people “got” it. Online php programming classes I looked at bootcamps provided by a number of organizations, and this one was the most thorough, and had the least fluff. Online classes for php I don’t think I’ve ever been as pleased with a course.

Guy is a knowledgeable instructor and skillful presenter. Php classes and objects examples He made this course really come together with exercises and practical project. Php training classes I hope he teaches other courses!!!

This course was excellent! Guy Cole was able to create a great learning environment. Online php training videos He is technical, eloquent, and funny all at the same time. Php les classes I’d take this course again any time!

Great instructor, down to earth and very knowledgeable. Php online training from india Taught in a manner that was easy to pick up on. Classes in php tutorial pdf Provided a ton of great code examples that I will always be able to look back to.

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