Opium withdrawal delirium_ two case reports

A 56-year-old male was admitted to our de-addiction facility with regular opium consumption (about 3.3 grams/day) for the last 30 yrs. Head ct scan There was no history of any other substance use except tobacco. Sinus ct scan radiation There was no current or past history suggestive of any psychiatric, medical including neurological illness. Ct scan definition medical Family and personal history was also non-contributory. Head ct scan price About five years back also the patient had undergone uneventful detoxification for opium however, he didn’t come for follow-up thereafter. Cost of ct scan for cat Mental state examination (MSE) on the day of admission was unremarkable. Do you get ct scan results immediately He was diagnosed as a case of opium dependence, currently abstinent. What is ct scan Detoxification with tramadol 200 mg/day and clonazepam 1.5 mg/day was started. Ct scan machin His investigations such as CBC, urinalysis, fasting blood glucose, liver and kidney function tests, serum electrolytes, ECG, chest X-ray and head CT scan were all within normal limits. Brain ct scan price At 30 hours of abstinence patient had mild signs of opium withdrawal in the form of sweating, lacrimation, bodyaches and craving for opium along with impaired immediate and recent memory. Ct scan angiogram In the midnight after about 40 hours of abstinence, the patient became grossly agitated (was shouting, running out of the bed, kicking family members). Dye for ct scan On MSE he was non-cooperative, inattentive, disoriented and restless. Ct scan abdomen and pelvis with contrast cpt code Opium withdrawal delirium was kept the additional diagnosis now. Cost of ct scan bangalore Patient was physically restrained and given i/m lorazepam 4 mg which was repeated after 4 hours. Heart ct scan After another three hours he was given 5 mg haloperidol with 50 mg promethazine i/m. Ct scan radiation As he was not accepting orally, therefore, i/v fluids were started and tramadol was shifted to i/m route (100 mg 12 hourly). Why do a ct scan After about 28 hours, agitation settled down but the patient was still disoriented to time and had impaired attention, concentration and recall, features of opium withdrawal were more intense. Head ct scan interpretation The patient was again shifted to oral tramadol 300 mg/day along with clonazepam 1mg/day. Abdominal ct scan contrast Delirium subsided completely after 56–58 hours. What is a ct tap scan Drugs were tapered off over next 2 weeks and the patient was put on naltrexone 50 mg/day and quetiapine 50/day (for insomnia). What is a ct scan of abdomen Quetiapine was tapered off over next two weeks, naltrexone was continued along with psycho-social intervention for relapse prevention. What does a brain ct scan show The patient was maintaining abstinence three months after discharge.

A 38-year-old male was brought to our de-addiction facility with the complaints of confusion, restlessness, decreased sleep, irrelevant talk after abrupt cessation of opium two days back which he had been taking regularly (1.5 to 2 grams/day) for the last 14 yrs. 1 ct scan how many x rays Patient had never tried to stay abstinent from opium for more than a day in the past that too due to non-availability. Chest ct scan heart There was no history of any other substance use except tobacco. Picture ct scan machine There was no suggestion of any significant psychiatric and medical including neurological illness at present or in the past. Sinus ct scan cost uk Family and personal history was unremarkable. Picture of ct scan MSE revealed restlessness, disorientation, agitation and aimless picking at clothes. What is meant by ct scan He was diagnosed as a case of opium withdrawal delirium and tramadol 200 mg/day, risperidone 1.5 mg/day and clonazepam 3.0 mg/day was started. Ct scan of sinus infection His investigations including CBC, urinalysis, fasting blood glucose, liver and kidney function tests, serum electrolytes, ECG, chest X-ray and head CT scan were all within normal limits. Cost of ct scan of chest After about 48 hours, of therapy, the delirium subsided and only opium withdrawal symptoms were evident. Cost of a ct scan in india All the drugs were tapered off over next 2 weeks and the patient was discharged on quetiapine 50 mg/day. Ct scan brain cost in kerala Quetiapine was tapered off over next two weeks and patient was managed with psychosocial treatment alone and was maintaining abstinence six months after discharge.

Both the patients were opium dependent cases and they developed delirium after about 40 to 48 hours of abstinence. What is a ct scan of the bowel We could not find any other drug or medical including neurological cause for delirium. Ct scan research The delirium was quite severe in the first case where it required parenteral haloperidol and lorazepam, whereas in the second case it subsided with low dose of oral risperidone and clonazepam. Ct scan abdomen cancer Opioid withdrawal is generally thought to be uneventful but there are some reports of opioid withdrawal seizures, 3, 4 delirium 5 and both seizures and delirium 6 in patients undergoing opioid detoxification.

Abdominal ct scan ulcer A high incidence of delirium has also been reported during rapid opioid detoxification with naltrexone and clonidine in methadone-dependent patients. What does a ct scan 7 In our patients, we noticed only opium withdrawal delirium which was short lasting and was not associated with any seizures. Definition of a ct scan Opium withdrawal has also been found to be risk factor for postoperative delirium after coronary artery bypass graft surgery. Ct scan adalah 8 Both of our patients were in good physical health and were not suffering from comorbid medical or psychiatric disorder before admission in our hospital. What is a brain ct scan used to detect Though there are some reports of opioid intoxication delirium after oral or parenteral use of opioid including tramadol, 9- 11 such association can’t be entertained in our cases as neither any patient was intoxicated with opium nor delirium started immediately after initiating tramadol. Ct scan procedure A remote possibility of using adulterated opium could be a probable risk factor in both cases. What is a ct scan of the brain Opium is frequently adulterated with benzodiazepine class of drugs in this part of country to increase the euphoric effects of opium. Ct scan how it works 12 The abrupt abstinence could be additional risk factor in the second case for the development of delirium. What dye is used for ct scan A close watch should be kept while managing patients with opioid withdrawal in view of the possibility of withdrawal delirium so that this potentially life threatening complication could be detected and treated in time. Can i eat or drink before a ct scan Larger sample reports may throw a better light on the possible risk factors involved in the causation of opioid withdrawal delirium.

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