Nanoparticles offer fresh ammunition in battle against cancer _ flanders today

Each of these treatments has its own advantages and disadvantages. Full name of ct scan With surgery, for example, normal, healthy tissue is left alone, while with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, many healthy cells suffer as much as the targeted cancer cells.

One way to diminish side effects – which can sometimes be even more dreaded than the tumour itself – is to lower the dose of the cancer drugs or the radioactive substance.

Ct scan uses This is only possible if the chemicals are delivered more precisely to the malignant cells, sparing the normal tissue.

A promising method of doing this is the use of nanomedicines. Ct scan abdomen pelvis These are toxic substances (in chemotherapy) or biomarkers (in radiotherapy) that are attached to nanoparticles, which put them where they need to be: in the tumour’s bloodstream. What will a ct scan show Nanoparticles can be used to “lock up” therapeutic molecules until the cancer cells are reached.

De Smedt was one of the speakers at the Nano World Cancer Day conference, held in Brussels earlier this month and organised by the European Technology Platform on Nanotechnology (ETPN). Ct scan why The platform aims to highlight the incorporation of “engineering on the smallest level” into the fight against cancer, a disease that kills more than eight million people a year.

Belgium has an elaborate network of researchers working on nanomedicines, a few of whom are working on nano cancer drugs specifically. After ct scan with contrast The ETPN lists 58 hospitals, research groups and companies in Belgium.

But for De Smedt, the number of academic groups working on nanocarriers for cancer therapy is still limited. Where to get a ct scan done “It’s true that there’s growing interest from industrial players, as they start to recognise the strategic role nanotechnology plays in advanced products for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the future,” he says.

But compared to existing drugs, “nanomedicines are very complex structures,” he continues. What is a ct scan for “We will need skills and procedures to produce highly qualitative and safe nanomedicines, which will impose new challenges for the pharmaceutical industry as well.”

It’s clear that the nanomedicine revolution has to start with the “nano” part. Reasons for ct scan And so a large part of the innovation can come from research that’s not necessarily connected to cancer, or even to medicine.

Another speaker at the ETPN conference was Franky Van Herreweghe, who works with nanoparticles as sensors in diagnostics tools at Phoreon, based in Leuven. Brain ct scan without contrast The company aims to develop a miniature sensor for clinical diagnostics, based on a rapid but reliable identification of molecules.

The miniaturisation process has brought Van Herreweghe and his colleagues into the realm of the nano world. Ct scan and cat scan Their technology is based on “nanogold rods” – golden cylinders that measure 15 by 45 millionths of a millimetre – which they use as a sensor.

“This requires us to make gold of an exact – and incredibly small – size and shape, and to put different sorts of molecules on top of it.” Phoreon’s unique nanogold expertise is catching the eye of more and more scientists who are investigating the potential use of gold in next-generation cancer therapies.

Van Herreweghe: “That’s why we’ve decided to commercialise some of our gold nanorod products for academic cancer research.” The idea that one of the most desirable materials in the world could play a major role in cancer treatment seems a little bizarre, but if you look closer at the properties of this noble metal, everything becomes clear.

Mertens sees two main challenges in her work. Ct scan technology “First, we need to learn how we can isolate an EV from other complex body fluids, like blood. Abdominal ct scan nhs And second, we have to identify the molecules that can be used as specific and sensitive biomarkers for certain types of cancer.”

In the meantime, a research network has been developed to tackle these two challenges. Head ct scan cost without insurance Mertens works at the Centre for Proteomics, run by Vito/UAntwerp, which focuses on the protein content of the EVs. Head ct scan anatomy Other private partners are looking at the lipid and nucleic acid content, while the Antwerp University Hospital is collecting blood samples to see if valuable EV fractions can indeed be derived from blood.

If Mertens and her colleagues succeed in identifying the right biomarkers for specific cancer types, a next step is designing a test that can be used for preventive screening campaigns.

“The current tests, like the one used to detect colorectal cancer in stool samples, have major flaws, such as false positives. Chest ct scan ppt If we could replace these tests with a routine blood test that can be incorporated in a yearly check-up at the GP, this would be an enormous step forward.”

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