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Help us test 7.x-1.6-rc3 to make sure there are no regressions compared to 7.x-1.5. Install php on apache2 Lots of bug fixes and useful new features were included in this release. Install chrome download The README is fully updated, documenting all new features that require configuration.

Always carefully test the update process and new release first in a development and/or staging environment before updating your production environment! Highlights

It’s been two years since the last Drupal Memcache module release! Perhaps it’s no coincidence that I also have a nearly two-year-old daughter. Install xposed framework Excuses aside, there’s a ton of important changes in this release, from optimizations and bug fixes to new features. Install python What follows was extracted from the README.txt:

Enable the memcache module at admin/modules or with ‘drush en memcache’, then rebuild the drush cache by running ‘drush cc drush’. Install phpmyadmin ubuntu server This will enable the following drush commands: memcache-flush (mcf) Flush all Memcached objects in a bin.

Memcache respects Drupal core’s minimum cache lifetime configuration.

Php hash This setting affects all cached items, not just pages. How to install php files In some cases, it may be desirable to cache different types of items for different amounts of time. Install windows 7 for free You can override the minimum cache lifetime on a per-bin basis in settings.php. Install epson printer For example: // Cache pages for 60 seconds.

Drupal core indicates whether or not a page was served out of the cache by setting the ‘X-Drupal-Cache’ response header with a value of HIT or MISS. Install whatsapp If you’d like to confirm whether pages are actually being retreived from Memcache and not another backend, you can enable the following option: $conf[‘memcache_pagecache_header’] = TRUE;

When enabled, the Memcache module will add its own ‘Drupal-Pagecache-Memcache’ header. Install internet explorer for windows 7 When cached pages are served out of the cache the header will include an ‘age=’ value indicating how many seconds ago the page was stored in the cache.

As of 7.x-1.6, the memcache module uses peristent connections by default. Php hello world If this causes you problems you can disable persistent connections by adding the following to your settings.php: $conf[‘memcache_persistent’] = FALSE;

You can optionally assign a different weight to each server, making it possible to favor one server more than another. Install norton product key To do so, you define the cluster within an array. Install bing search engine For example, to make it 3 times more likely to store an item in the first server versus the second: $conf[‘memcache_servers’] = array(

If you want to have multiple Drupal installations share memcached instances, you need to include a unique prefix for each Drupal installation in the $conf array of settings.php. Install unity web player This can be a single string prefix, or a keyed array of bin => prefix pairs: $conf[‘memcache_key_prefix’] = ‘something_unique’;

In the above example, the ‘something_unique’ prefix will be used for all bins except for the ‘cache_page’ bin which will use the ‘something_else_unique’ prefix. Install internet explorer 11 Note that if using a keyed array for specifying prefix, you must specify the ‘default’ prefix.

It is also possible to specify multiple prefixes per bin. Java install location Only the first prefix will be used when setting/getting cache items, but all prefixes will be cleared when deleting cache items. Install firebug This provides support for more complicated configurations such as a live instance and an administrative instance each with their own prefixes and therefore their own unique caches. Php iis7 install Any time a cache item is deleted on either instance, it gets flushed on both — thus, should an admin do something that flushes the page cache, it will appropriately get flushed on both instances. Install steam (For more discussion see the issue where support was added, This feature is enabled when you configure prefixes as arrays within arrays. Php null For example: // Live instance.

To optimize how data is serialized before it is written to memcache, you can enable either the igbinary or msgpack PECL extension. How to install a phpbb forum Both switch from using PHP’s own human-readable serialized data strucutres to more compact binary formats.

No specicial configuration is required. How to install phpmyadmin on ubuntu If both extensions are enabled, memcache will automatically use the igbinary extension. Test php install If only one extension is enabled, memcache will automatically use that extension.

By default, only the following memcache actions are logged: ‘set’, ‘add’, ‘delete’, and ‘flush’. Install iis php If you’d like to also log ‘get’ and ‘getMulti’ actions, enble verbose logging: $conf[‘memcache_debug_verbose’] = TRUE;

This file needs to be writable by the web server (and/or by drush) or you will see lots of watchdog errors. Install php4 You are responsible for ensuring that the debug log doesn’t get too large. Install light switch By default, enabling debug logging will write logs looking something like: 1484719570|add|semaphore|semaphore-memcache_system_list%3Acache_bootstrap|1

You can specify a custom log format by setting the memcache_debug_log_format variable. Java install did not complete error 1603 Supported variables that will be replaced in your format are: ‘!timestamp’, ‘!action’, ‘!bin’, ‘!cid’, and ‘!rc’. Php ksort For example, the default log format (note that it includes a new line at the

You can change the timestamp format by specifying a PHP date() format string in the memcache_debug_time_format variable. How to install php for windows PHP date() formats are documented at Ubuntu install php By default timestamps are written as a unix timestamp. Install zagg invisible shield For example: $conf[‘memcache_debug_time_format’] = ‘U’;

You can use the Drupal Memcache module to talk with Amazon Elasticache, but to enable Automatic Discovery you must use Amazon’s forked version of the PECL Memcached extension with Dynamic Client Mode enabled.

Introduce ‘Invalid cache id received in wildcards() of type ___’ error, trying to track down intermittent failures; Fix regression: Invalid cache id received in wildcards() of type integer

New feature: introduced Drupal-Pagecache-Memcache header with details about how long a page has been cached. Install php mail To enable, $conf[‘memcache_pagecache_header’] = TRUE;

The memcache module is a critical component of even the largest Drupal websites, so we take testing seriously. How to install php in windows We have done comprehensive load testing of this release to ensure that there have been no performance regressions. Php install centos 7 Our load tests are freely available at Ubuntu install php7 There you will find scripts that assist in pre-populating a site with data and running a jMeter loadtest suite against the test website. Install opera mini While the tests aren’t comprehensive and only focus on common core functionality, they provide fantastic insight and detail into the performance differences between releases.

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