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The leap from feature phones to smartphones didn’t happen overnight. John mccarthy artificial intelligence definition Slowly but steadily, our phones grew smarter and smarter until they’d become capable enough that we could fulfil most of our computing needs on these pocket-sized devices. Robotics and artificial intelligence The onset of powerful third-party apps spurred that progress into overdrive, so much so that most of what we do on our phones these days isn’t even possible on the full-size desktop computers they are derived from.

In this series of two articles, I’ll take a look at six handy Android apps that allow you to insert your own brand of customized artificial intelligence into your phone.

Watch artificial intelligence movie I’ll go into detail about how to set up and use each of the following apps and provide examples of real life usage scenarios to help get you started. Artificial intelligence course online with certificate These apps range from the very simple to the pretty complex—but fear not, enterprising mobile warrior, because I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

(Regular readers of TNW may note that the apps in this list are a subset of our “ 40 Must-Have Android Apps for the Power User”. Artificial intelligence in computer science This is by design. Artificial intelligence applications While the previous article only briefly summarised each app’s functions, this one goes into detail about the ones that have to do with automation and includes instructions on how to set them up and use them.)

Throughout the day, you take your phone out of your pocket countless times, whether it be to check your email, respond to that message you just received, dial a call or even just check the time. Artificial intelligence latest research Isn’t it bothersome to have to press that power button every time you do so and press it again before you put it back? Gravity Screen can take care of that trivial everyday annoyance for you.

The way it works is that it detects when (a) your phone is either oriented upside down or placed face down; and (b) its proximity sensor is covered. Books on artificial intelligence If both conditions check out, it will turn off the display for you. Artificial intelligence research areas Reverse the conditions, and voila, it will turn it back on!

As long as you’re willing to change your habits with regard to how you store your phone—upside down in your shirt or pants pocket and face down on flat surfaces—Gravity Screen works with 100% accuracy with the default settings and consumes minimal battery. Information about artificial intelligence in computer On my phone, it does not even show up on the battery usage statistics screen.

Gravity Sensor’s pocket and table sensor features enable it to automatically turn your screen on/off based on whether or not it’s being used. Artificial intelligence stock trading software The permanent notification helps the app remain awake more reliably in the background and gives you a convenient way to pause its functionality.

If you’d rather not keep your phone face down, there is a setting that’ll allow it to detect when the phone is placed face up on a flat surface, but it consumes more battery that way and it gets annoying to have to pause the app (which you can do by tapping on its permanent notification) when you want to use the phone on a bed or table. Ai artificial intelligence movie download In this mode, the app will also turn on the screen if anything accidentally passes over the proximity sensor, which annoys me no end.

Other features of the app include the ability to “keep the screen on by motion”. Algorithms used in artificial intelligence With this feature enabled, you can set your screen’s timeout to a very low setting (say, fifteen seconds), but while you’re actively using it, Gravity Screen will detect the tiny motions of your hand and keep the screen awake. Artificial intelligence future possibilities When you place the phone on a stationary surface, it will allow the timeout to function. Create artificial intelligence program I found this feature to be an unnecessary waste of battery life and prefer to simply keep the timeout to a respectable two minutes, but you may want to give it a shot.

The following are the Gravity Screen settings that I have arrived at after a little trial and error, and that work best for me. Techniques of artificial intelligence Feel free to use them as a guide when setting it up for your own usage:

Available for free from the Play Store, the lite version performs well and has almost all the features of the paid version, with a few minor exceptions. What do you mean by artificial intelligence Like the developer himself says, “In the Pro version the screen can be turned on by motion up to 16 hours instead of 15 minutes. Artificial intelligence in design Also, in the Pro version the Table sensor is more accurate.” I use the pro version myself and highly recommend that you pay the $1.50 upgrade fee if the free version works well for you.

Next up is SpeakerPhone Ex. Introduction to artificial intelligence course In the same vein as the previous app, SpeakerPhone Ex intends to solve one small everyday annoyance of using a phone and does it exceedingly well. Artificial intelligence application areas Yes, your phone turns itself on when you take it out of your pocket, but why do you have to manually answer incoming calls before you bring it up to your ear? SpeakerPhone Ex makes it possible to answer incoming calls just by performing that action.

Answering calls based on sensor input is risky business, so it is important that the app is reliable. Artificial intelligence current research In my several months’ experience of using this app, I’ve had fewer than five times when the phone was accidentally answered before I’d intended it to. Examples of conceptual dependency in artificial intelligence For the most part, it works great, especially if you take to stowing your phone in your pocket upside down (as you need to for using Gravity Sensor).

The app is intelligently designed and the default settings are well considered. Artificial intelligence software for pc free download My only recommendation is that you enable the “Stop auto answer face down” setting in the “Stop When” section of the app’s preferences.

Nights Keeper will start its profile at a scheduled time each day and screen all but your most urgent calls for you. Terminator artificial intelligence It displays a permanent notification while a profile is active, so you can turn it off manually if you wake up early.

If you get a call from someone, it will automatically screen it and send them a text message of your choosing. Artificial intelligence computer science But if they keep calling you repeatedly, it will eventually allow them to get through. The movie ai artificial intelligence You can configure how many screenings one has to go through before the phone will ring (it’s set to two missed calls on my phone) and set up a whitelist of contacts who can always get through to you on the first try.

Other features of the app include the ability to reduce brightness, turn off auto sync, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and your mobile network at night and re-enable them in the morning, but I find myself having no use for them. Introduction to artificial intelligence pdf There are also a bunch of other settings you can configure and a widget you can use to quickly activate the night profile at any time irrespective of the set schedule.

Perhaps the simplest app on this list is Shush!, but it is also the most universally useful. Forms of learning in artificial intelligence You may or may not find the other apps here simple enough or relevant enough for you, but pretty much every Android user would benefit from having Shush installed.

When you go to a hospital or a movie and silence your phone, you never have to remember to turn it back on again after you leave. Artificial intelligence movie ending Shush throws up a simple dialog asking you how much time you need the phone to be silenced for when you flip that switch and you can either tap on a button to silence it indefinitely or set it to any time in fifteen-minute increments.

Add your favoured wireless networks to its list and set up a PIN lock to get started. Future scope of artificial intelligence The app uses the standard Android lock screen, so you do not lose any functionality on that front, but you cannot change the PIN code from the system settings app anymore. What is meant by artificial intelligence Unlock with WiFi also gives you options to automatically turn off WiFi when you leave a trusted network and turn on Bluetooth, GPS and other settings. Ai artificial intelligence online free I found no use for those features, but the core feature itself is worth the $4.00 price of entry.

Unfortunately, Unlock With WiFi does not work with Bluetooth and does not support the face and pattern unlock features, but on the positive side, it does not need a rooted device to function either. Application of artificial intelligence to wireless communications Also, it does need you to enter your PIN code once when you enter trusted wireless zones before the lock screen is removed. Udacity artificial intelligence Give the free four-day trial version a run before you jump in with both feet.

For those keeping count, that’s five out of the six apps I’d promised at the beginning. Artificial intelligence computer science books The sixth app in the list deserves an article all its own and we’ll be posting that soon (Update: here it is). Artificial intelligence simple definition In the meantime, try playing around with the apps above and feel free to chime in with your questions, suggestions and thoughts in the comments below.

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