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Vacancies for courts in New Mexico are filled through appointment by the governor from a slate of potential nominees submitted by a judicial nominating committee. Webmaster tools content keywords The newly appointed judge must then run in a contested, partisan election at the next general election. Webmaster keyword tools Thereafter, the judge runs in nonpartisan retention elections for set terms.

Webmaster tools php script In a partisan election, the candidate receiving the most votes will be elected. Webmaster tools html To be retained, a judge must receive at least 57% “yes” votes out of all those cast for that office. Webmaster tools blogspot The website of the Judicial Performance Evaluation Committee, http://www.nmjpec.org , includes evaluations and information about retention candidates.

As one of five Supreme Court Justices, I help resolve a wide spectrum of complex legal issues and supervise state courts. Webmaster tools add url My extensive civil law experience–private, corporate and governmental–and my past service as a former Metropolitan Court and District Court criminal trial judge, is unique on our Court. Webmaster tools joomla My four terms as the Metropolitan Court’s Chief Judge provide invaluable court managerial skills.

Difficult economic times have led to a stark diminution of judicial resources, without a corresponding decrease in cases. Googlw webmaster tools Improved resource availability, along with better allocation to need areas and core support staffing, can best facilitate the most important objective: improving the timely disposition of court cases. Webmaster free tools People’s lives hang in the balance when justice is delayed; my goal is to speed the process up.

My philosophy is to correctly resolve the cases that come before the Supreme Court. Webmaster tools reconsideration request To do so, the Constitution is to be followed, as are laws written by our Legislators. Webmaster tools add site Jurists must non-creatively and faithfully honor precedent. Sign in to webmaster tools Fairness, punctuality, evenhandedness and respect for litigants are the philosophic hallmarks of judicial service.

My greatest achievement is the unprecedented privilege of serving at every level of our Court system, currently as a Supreme Court Justice. What does webmaster tools do Along the way, I was honored by MADD as its national judge of the year for combatting DWI, I sped up and tried dozens of delayed criminal cases at District Court. Add site to webmaster tools I have now authored or participated in dozens of Supreme Court decisions.

I am Chief Judge of the New Mexico Court of Appeals, on which I have served since 2003. Webmaster tools online I have sat on over 3,000 appellate cases and written over 1,000 appellate opinions. Webmaster tools test I appeared as counsel in every NM judicial district and was appellate counsel in over 50 precedent-setting cases as a practicing attorney for 27 years before serving on the Court of Appeals.

The Supreme Court can provide for the safety of our children and communities by Implementing practical rules for district attorneys and courts and by creating tools that laboratories and police officers need to do their jobs.

My judicial philosophy is that everyone, regardless of their race, religion, sex, national origin, social class, or sexual orientation should have their day in court and be heard because justice isn’t only about laws, it’s about lives.

My greatest achievement has been working hard for the last 13 years on the Court of Appeals for all the people of New Mexico to enforce the laws and protect their rights: their personal rights, their property rights, their constitutional rights. Googlle webmaster tools I have twice been recommended as qualified for the NM Supreme Court by the bi-partisan Appellate Judges Nominating Commission. Webmaster tools keyword planner Judge of the Court of Appeals Candidates

The 10 judges on the Court of Appeals are elected statewide and serve eight-year terms. Webmaster tools help Eligibility requirements: a person must be 35 years old, have practiced law for at least 10 years, and have resided in New Mexico for the last three years. Submit webmaster tools As the intermediate appellate court between the district courts and the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals reviews appeals in all cases, except criminal cases involving sentences of death or life imprisonment, appeals from the Public Regulation Commission, and cases involving habeas corpus. Webmaster tools sitemaps The judges sit in panels of three judges to decide cases.

For 35 years, I had the pleasure of meeting the legal needs of New Mexicans, as a prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, and a civil attorney. Webmaster tools for wordpress I handled over 110 appeals. Webmaster tools keywords I have been as a mediator and successfully resolved hundreds of complex cases. Webmaster tools logo Now as a sitting Judge, I am familiar with the process and I have already decided several important matters before the Court.

We need to continue to focus on the efficient administration of justice. Webmaster tools google analytics I would like to see the Court of Appeals implement an electronic filing system. Google free webmaster tools This would bring efficiency to the Court and the litigants.

Fairness must always come before politics. Tools for webmasters Every person, regardless of who they are, where they come from, or their political party is entitled to a full and fair hearing before the Court. Webmaster tools submit That is the kind of Judge I am and that’s the kind of Judge I will continue to be.

In the short time I have been on the Court of Appeals, I have demonstrated my clear commitment to the fair and equal administration of justice, to resolving cases expeditiously, and to fostering the collegiality and dignity of the Court.

I was born and raised in Old Town, Albuquerque, where I still live. Outils webmaster For 23 years, I’ve protected the rights of New Mexican families and New Mexico small businesses. Blogger webmaster tools I’ve dedicated my career to improving the legal profession, especially in the area of legal ethics. Webmaster tools with your google account I’ve volunteered my time and services for NM Museum of Natural History Foundation, Children’s Cancer Fund and Special Olympics.

The Court of Appeals lags behind other New Mexico courts in the area of technology. How does webmaster tools work While other courts are equipped for electronic filing and allow online access to court documents, the Court of Appeals does not have those capabilities. Oogle webmaster tools Budget constraints over the past several years have prevented the much-needed technological upgrades that would modernize the Court and make it more accessible to the public.

My greatest professional achievement is my work on lawyer ethics. Add webmaster tools I am a member of the Disciplinary Board, making disciplinary recommendations to the Supreme Court about lawyers who violate ethical rules. What are webmaster tools I am an 18-year member of the Bar’s Ethics Advisory Committee, advising lawyers on ethical dilemmas. Webmaster tools firefox I have chaired that committee since 2008. Webmaster tools redirect I have also taught legal ethics at the UNM Law School. Webmaster tools submit to index District Judges – 1st Judicial District – Partisan Candidates

New Mexico’s 33 counties are divided into 13 judicial districts. Webmaster tools home page click verify this site The First Judicial District includes Los Alamos, Rio Arriba and Santa Fe Counties. Webmaster tools home page dashboard These are courts of general jurisdiction that hold jury trials in the following types of civil cases: tort, contract, real property rights and estate contests. Webmaster tools crawl errors The district courts in New Mexico generally have exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations, mental health, appeals for administrative agencies and lower courts, criminal appeals, and juvenile cases. Webmaster tools search queries no data available To be eligible a person must be at least 35 years old, have practiced law for at least six years preceding assumption of office, and reside in the district for which he/she is elected. Google analytics vs google webmaster tools Judges serve six-year terms.

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