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My principal research interests lie in the development of efficient algorithms and intelligent systems which can learn from a massive volume of complex (high dimensional, nonlinear, multi-modal, skewed, and structured) data arising from both artificial and natural systems, reveal trends and patterns too subtle for humans to detect, and automate decision making processes in uncertain and dynamic possible world. Artificial intelligence course in malaysia I develop core machine learning methodology, including kernel methods, feature space embedding methods, graphical models, probabilistic and stochastic modeling, scalable algorithms, optimization algorithms and deep learning models.

I am also interested in developing machine learning models and algorithms to address interdisciplinary problems. Why artificial intelligence is important For instance, I’ve conducted research on the management of information diffusion networks and recommendation systems, the discovery of time-varying gene regulatory networks, the understanding of disease progression, the extraction of topics based on online document feeds, the prediction of materials properties, and the predictive modeling of robotic systems.

• KDD 2015 tutorial Diffusion in Social and Information Networks: Research Problems, Probabilistic Models & Machine Learning Methods (with Manuel Gomez Rodriguez)

• WWW 2015 tutorial Diffusion in Social and Information Networks: Research Problems, Probabilistic Models & Machine Learning Methods (with Manuel Gomez Rodriguez)

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Song, L., Boots, B., Siddiqi, S., Gordon, G., and Smola, A., Hilbert Space Embeddings of Hidden Markov Models, International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2010.

I was also a Ph.D. The meaning of artificial intelligence student with the Statistical Machine Learning Program at NICTA, and my thesis advisor is Alex Smola. Artificial intelligence defintion Since Summer 2008, I was a postdoc fellow at Carnegie Mellon Univeristy, working on machine learning and computational biology projects with Eric Xing, Carlos Guestrin, Geff Gordon and Jeff Schneider. Prolog programming for artificial intelligence examples Right before I joined Georgia Tech, I spent some time as a research scientist at Fernando Pereira’s group at Google Research.

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