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Changes in brain with ageing has been the focus of many studies; the increase in size of lateral ventricle being one among them. Ct scan for sinus headache Being a space, lateral ventricles can be studied in the living with the help of imaging techniques like Computerized Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). How is ct scan performed Cerebroventricular indices used in the study are the ratios of width of lateral ventricles to that of brain at two levels.

Wat is a ct scan The linear measurements used in the study are easy to take & the index can be calculated with less technical skill. What is a ct scan of the lungs Being a ratio it ensures the independence of the results of the present study from particular scale factors used in sizing up the CT scan images as well as from the units of measurements employed. How to get a ct scan It also reduces the influence of variations due to anthropometric differences in normal individuals.

Objectives are to calculate the Bifrontal & the Bicaudate Indices of Lateral Ventricles from CT scan films and to correlate the indices with age in males & females.

Patients underwent CT scans for various reasons like chronic head ache, vertigo, dizziness, to rule out intracranial haemorrhage or cerebral metastases and reported normal by the radiologist are taken for the present study.

The measurements were taken directly from the computer screen using transparent calipers in mm scale from the axial sections of head showing the lateral ventricles from a series of sections taken 8 to 10 mm thickness.

The CT scan of brain is accepted as a valuable procedure for the evaluation of cerebral ventricular size. Why ct scan 1 It can be assessed by many methods like linear, planimetric and volumetric measurements. How do i get a ct scan The latter two are too expensive & time consuming. What is a ct scan of the chest They require large additional computation facilities. Cost of ct scan of sinuses Whereas the linear measurements are easy to take, comparable & uniform methods be applied, it can be used for research purposes & for routine assessment of ventricular size in the scans. The cost of ct scan 2 The relative size of the ventricular system to that of the brain, used in the present study, provides less error and can be considered more reliable than the linear measurements of the ventricles. What does a ct scan test for 3 The quantitative criteria developed for normal lateral ventricular dimensions are expressed as cerebroventricular ratios or indices in order to minimize the potential influence of individual anthropometric measurements. Use of ct scan 4

Both linear & planimetric CT measurements assessing the size of cerebral ventricles in the previous studies reported almost similar results– a statistical slight progression in size of lateral ventricles beginning at the fourth decade and a more striking increase after the sixth decade. Abdominal ct scan radiation 2,5,6,7 According to D’Souza et al 8 the brain regression involving cerebrum usually begins in the 7 th decade and thereafter accelerated with advancing age.

BFI & BCI were first described by Hahn & Rim in 1976. Understanding ct scan results 1 They described it the bifrontal CVI and bicaudate CVI respectively. When is a ct scan used The BFI in their study varied from 0.19 to 0.39 with a mean of 0.31±0.04 in 200 patients 10 – 81 years old. Cat scan ct Renata Wilk et al 9 calculated the BFI in younger age group 1 to 18 years and found the values were between 0.27 and 0.38 with a mean 0.31± 0.03. What does a ct scan entail The same index measured by D Poudel et al 10 using MRI in 150 normal subjects, ranged between 0.25 and 0.35 with a mean value of 0.31±0.02. Private ct scan In the present study the range in values of BFI is almost same as the previous studies reported, the mean value being 0.31±0.03.

BCI was found more sensitive in showing the age changes than other linear ratios. Can a ct scan detect cancer 11 Hahn & Rim noted the values of BCI varied between 0.08 and 0.23 with a mean value of 0.15±0.03. What is a ct scan and what does it show In a study done by Renata Wilk et al 9 the BCI was between 0.06 and 0.12. Chest ct scan price in delhi Pelicci et al 12 considered the ratio to be abnormal if >0.17 and a definite enlargement if >0.20, and his values were between 0.06 and 0.19 with a mean value of 0.11±0.03. Cost of ct scan in kenya The BCI values in present study (0.06 – 0.20) were similar to the study of Pelicci et al. Brain ct scan for ms & the values in the paediatric age group (0.06–0.13) was the same as Renata Wilk et al. Why would a doctor order a ct scan The morphometric analysis of brain &ventricular system especially Lateral ventricle recently become the focus of interest in some neuropsychiatric diseases like Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia and Seizures of undetected origin. What is a ct scan with contrast To understand these changes, the size of normal ventricular system of brain is important. What is a ct scan abdomen The present study followed the simple measurements made on CT images to calculate and compare the ventricular size with age in a defined population in Kerala and it was comparable with the previous studies reported.

Present study aimed to study the size of normal lateral ventricles of human brain with two cerebroventricular indices and to find their relationship with ageing. Sinus ct scan results The findings in the present study were coinciding with the values of previous similar studies. Pics of ct scan machine Both the indices showed a positive correlation with age, the index at Bicaudate level being more sensitive to increasing age.

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Out of 10 non-neoplastic lesions on imaging, 7 were confirmed on histopathological findings. What does a ct scan tell you One case which was diagnosed as inflammatory/neoplastic lesion turned out to be grade-3 astrocytoma and another case diagnosed as multiple granulomatous lesions turned out to be multiple abscesses. What is a ct scan of the kidney One case diagnosed as infective/metastasis on imaging turned out to be tuberculoma on HPE. Ct scan cat scan Sensitivity was 70%, specificity was 92.5% and accuracy was 88%.

Figure 6. What a ct scan shows T2WI and Flair Images showing Well-Defined Altered Signal Intensity Lesion Seen in Rt. How is ct scan done Parietal Cerebrum in Parafalcine Region with Internal Bleed – High-Grade Glioma

The term ICSOL is generally used to identify any lesion whether neoplastic or inflammatory in origin, which increases the volume of intracranial contents and leads to a rise in Intracranial Tension (ICT). What is a ct scan for chest The presentation of ICSOL has changed radically with increased availability of modern imaging techniques like CT and MRI. What is contrast dye for ct scan The age ranges from 10-80 yrs. Ct scan body in present study. What is the purpose of a ct scan The peak incidence was in 50-60 yrs. How to read ct scan images (5 th decade) (28%) followed by 4 th decade (16%) with female predominance. Ct scan description Male-to-female ratio was 2:3, which was not correlated with Madan AH et al study. When is a ct scan needed 8 Majority of lesions were detected in the 4 th, 5 th decade with male-to-female ratio of 1:1.5. What ct scan can detect The most common symptom was headache, the second common presenting complaint in our study was loss of consciousness.

39 cases (78%) were supratentorial, 10 (20%) cases were infratentorial and 1 (2%) lesion was both supra and infratentorial in location, which were corresponding to study by Chander R et al 9 having 79% supratentorial and 21% infratentorial lesions. Ct scan abdomen and pelvis cpt code Most common supratentorial location in adults was frontoparietal lobe in 22% (and among those parietal region was most common site) followed by posterior fossa 20%. Ct body scan Benjarge PV and Kulkarni AI 10 found parietal lobe 27.5% as most common location, which was well corresponding with our observation. Ct scan cat In our study, 54% lesions were intra-axial and 46% extra-axial. Reasons for a ct scan Chander R et al 9 study concluded that 64% lesions were intra-axial and 15% extra-axial, which was corresponding to our study.

In present study, the incidence of different lesions were as follows- meningiomas (32%), glial tumours 28% (GBM 18%, anaplastic astrocytomas 8% and cystic glioma 2%), metastases 6%, pituitary macroadenoma 6%, Schwannomas 6%, haemangioblastomas 2%, arachnoid cyst 8%, tuberculoma 4%, abscess 4% and colloid cyst 4%. Purpose of a ct scan The above findings of incidence were not corresponding to study of Goyani BR et al 11 that metastases were the most common single group of ICSOL (27%). Is ct and cat scan the same In our study, 40 patients were having neoplastic lesions (80%) and 10 had non-neoplastic lesions (20%). What does a head ct scan show 54% lesions were intra-axial and 46% extra-axial in location. Cat and ct scan In our study, meningiomas were the most common neoplastic lesion, which is extra-axial.

Salient features of extra-axial location being CSF cleft, displaced subarachnoid spaces, cortical gray matter between mass and white matter, broad dural base and adjacent bony reaction.

For neoplastic lesions, the imaging sensitivity was 92.5%, specificity was 70%, accuracy was 88%, positive predictive value was 92.5%, negative predictive value was 70%, while for the non-neoplastic lesions imaging sensitivity was 70%, specificity was 92.5% and accuracy was 88%. Iodine ct scan These findings are in partial agreement with Zacharaki EI et al study, 12 which concluded that imaging accuracy, sensitivity and specificity for brain masses were 85%, 87% and 79%, respectively.

Intracranial space occupying lesions comprise of a diverse group of lesions. Ct scan for sinus With the introduction of CT and MRI scanning, imaging of lesions has acquired a new dimension whereby excellent anatomical detail in axial, sagittal and coronal planes as well as lesion characterisation has become possible. Abdominal ct scan diverticulitis These modalities have helped in the early diagnosis and localisation of the SOL and in complement with advanced neurosurgical techniques have brightened the prognosis of mass lesions. How a ct scan is performed MRI remains the first line investigation for diagnosing and evaluation of intracranial space occupying lesion with a reasonable degree of diagnostic accuracy and with the advent of newer modifications of MRI such as MR spectroscopy and newer techniques like MR perfusion.

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