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In April of 2012, I was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma of the lung, and had the lower lobe of my left lung removed. Ct scan que es I endured a thoracotomy, which is an open chest surgical procedure, using a rib spreader to access internal organs. X ray ct scan I also endured 16 chemotherapy treatments, with several neupagen shots needed in order to keep my blood cell count in an acceptable range.

How does the ct scan work I also returned to full-time work way before my doctors wanted me to, but I needed to pay the bills and did not have any disability pay available at the time.

After chemo, a CT Scan was scheduled every 3 months to make sure nothing abnormal surfaced. Why a ct scan This regimen continued for two years with no identified reoccurrence. Ct scan examination As a result, the CT Scan frequency moved to every 4 months for the next two years, and fortunately, still clean. Full ct scan After 5 years, a lung cancer patient is considered “cured”. Brain ct scan ppt I was within one scan of my 5-year anniversary, and the unimaginable occurred as a new growth was identified in my chest, between my lungs, next to my heart, and attached to my aorta.

Two attempts were made to biopsy the mass: one through the esophagus and one through the trachea. Ct scan abdomen Neither was successful, and after careful consideration, research and advice, it was determined another surgery would be performed to biopsy and remove whatever it was growing inside me.

The plan was to attempt a VATS procedure first, which is far less invasive than a thoracotomy, utilizing a video scope to guide the tools toward the mass for removal. Ct scan full name However, potential complications were anticipated which would have made the VATS procedure impossible. Abdominal ct scan with contrast We decided if complications eliminated the VATS from consideration, the surgeons would immediately perform another thoracotomy to remove the mass. Head ct scan normal My single focus was removal of this growth, and I would endure the pain of another thoracotomy if that’s what it took. Chest ct scan price philippines It was the only way.

The surgeons at The James Cancer Hospital at The Ohio State University were amazing, and were able to utilize the VATS procedure even though the surgeon described my chest cavity as a “tiger pit”. Contrasted ct scan The success of the surgery however, was overshadowed by the diagnoses of another adenocarcinoma mass, but this time in the mediastinum region of my chest, which means cancer was present around all of the busiest blood and air passageways in my body. Uses of ct scan The mass was out, and once healed, the new protocol involved chemo and radiation, with radiation occurring each day, Monday through Friday, for six weeks.

I am three weeks into the radiation therapy and have had 4 chemo treatments. Types of chest ct scans Fatigue is an issue, and now my esophagus is under assault, making it very difficult and painful to eat and drink.

I will get through this because there is no other acceptable outcome for me. Ct scan procedure preparation The clock on the CT Scans resets to every three months after the completion of my chemo rounds, sometime in May. Abdominal ct scan includes what organs Each CT Scan brings high anxiety as results are delivered, and hopefully remains clean through the 5 years of tests. C ct scan However, if something comes up again, I will fight it again, and win again.

I appreciate this has already been a rather long review of “my story”, so I’ll get to the point. Cost of ct scan privately It has been suggested to me by several friends and acquaintances to consider requesting help through a page on this site, so I can not only pay my new health bills, but also finish paying the ones I still have pending from the first battle 5 years ago. What can a ct scan show I am juggling the various debt collectors and paying what I can, but the new cancer occurrence has greatly complicated the financial part of my journey. Anatomy of brain ct scan It is not easy for me to ask for help. Ct scan what does it show Those of you who really know me can attest for my stubbornness, especially in situations of high challenge. Google what is a ct scan But, the reality is I’m tired of fighting so hard and then not being able to celebrate the added life I’ve earned with my family and friends, due to the overwhelming burden of the medical bills. Sinus ct scan cost india So, I’ve decided to swallow my pride and ask for your help.

The money you provide will go to paying my wonderful health care team, as they have become family and deserve every dollar they’re owed. Is cat scan and ct scan the same If there is any left, it will be used for needed repairs on the house which have lingered too long and for which I do not have the energy or expertise to finish. How to do a ct scan In return, I will provide updates of my progress in this latest fight against this awful disease, as well as updates on our lives. Axial ct scan 2017 is a big year, as our daughter, Sierra, is engaged to be married in December, and Holly and I will be celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary in October. What can be seen on a ct scan I plan to attend these events and many more for many years to come.

Good evening! Thank you so much to all of you! I am blessed to have so many who care enough to help me and my family through this medical mess! I had radiation treatment 16 of 30 today, so i’m just over half-way through. Ct scan report I haven’t lost my hair through this series of chemo and radiation treatments, but we’ll see if it hangs around when I start the second round of chemo in about six weeks. Ct scan dye I am experiencing discomfort in my esophagus from the radiation, which feels like constant heartburn. What is a ct scan for prostate cancer They prescribed Magic Mouthwash, which numbs my throat and esophagus so I can at least eat. Ct scan full form It will probably get worse over the next few weeks, but I just have to get through the treatments! Tomorrow I am scheduled for an MRI of my head, so the docs can have a picture of whatever is left up there to provide a basis for future comparisons in case the cancer shows up in my brain. Ct scan a This type of cancer is notorious for doing so, which is yet another thing I get to think about every day! No eating after midnight because the docs are giving me anesthesia for the MRI. Cost of ct scan chest The deal was I would be more than happy to have an MRI if they knocked me out. What is a ct scan and mri Otherwise, no deal! For those of you who have endured MRI’S, you will understand the desire to be asleep completely.

I was going to record a video, but my hands aren’t very steady while holding the phone. Ct scan abdomen images The pic will have to suffice, but I will try to get a video update later this week.

It was so nice to pay some bills today, thanks to all of your help! It’s amazing to me how much is being charged for some of the procedures and drugs, but if it saves me from the alternative, it’s worth every penny!

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