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With the need to keep warning about the disastrous outcome of my surgery with Dr Rossi and T.Change, here again is a link to see my CT scan. Brain ct scan for dementia The scan was taken about a week after my second surgery with Dr Ross, in October 2015. What is a ct pneumocolon scan It shows the mess that he had previously made of my forehead surgery, which was done in September 2014, and the utter destruction of my chin in the October 2015 surgery. What is a ct scan for the head If you look closely at the scan you can see that the chin Mental nerve housings have been cut right through. How do you do a ct scan The nerves have been completely severed through, and I have no feeling in my bottom lip and whole chin whatsoever as a consequence of this barbaric action by Dr Rossi. What is a ct ivp scan The chin has now ‘Fallen’, so it is hanging down beneath were it used to be on my face. Can i eat and drink before a ct scan It looks terrible, and I’m unsure if it will ever be able to be corrected.

I started getting real problems with my forehead, squishing noises, pain and headaches. Cost of ct scan in hyderabad Apparently this was something to do with my sinuses being exposed? I’ve since been to Facial Team to try to get these issues addressed, at great expense. Iodine contrast ct scan I hope that you girls learn from my mistakes, just remember ‘Cheap is very Expensive’, and sometimes irreparable……and it’s your one and only ‘face’, so do not risk it by going cheap.

So sorry you’re going through this. After a ct scan I know how hard it can be because I went through something similar with his predecessor. 2 ct scans in one month The new problem with your forehead may well be the same as the problem I had, which is a soft tissue growth known as a mucocele. Can you see cancer on a ct scan This happens when mucus leaks out from your sinus and it contains viable mucus lining cells which find blood flow and start growing and multiplying. Abdominal ct scan without contrast It can be diagnosed by a MRI and possibly lab work if they are able to do a needle biopsy and extract mucus where no mucus should be…like on the outside of your bone.

I suspect that part of the reason these things are more common south of the border is that they aren’t as careful in their reconstruction efforts to make sure that all the bone segments line up perfectly so they heal fast and can’t leak.

It’s obvious from your scan that you have a rather large recess that was simply and partially covered over by hardware, like some kind of bone bandaid. Cost of ct scan south africa My job was similar though not so extreme. Ct scan sinus I had to have that hardware removed because of a mucocele growth and I now have a pretty noticeable dent in my forehead. How to use ct scan Sometimes they try to cover their half ass work with hardware, and sometimes they try to fill it in with some kind of bone cement. Ct scan using dye Sometimes that bone cement dissolves and your forehead falls apart.

If you compare this to the method Dr O used, he left no big gaps or holes, or recessions. What is a ct scan radiation He’d segment the frontal bone that he removes into as many parts as necessary to be able to fit them back together into a smooth, natural seeming contour and fit them so carefully that there would be less risk of leakage while they heal up.

If you’re in the US and need a point of contact for a surgeon who might be able to help fix it under insurance, PM me. When ct scan is needed I went to this ENT surgeon after being referred to him by another FFS patient who had her forehead fall apart because the cement used during her initial surgery dissolved.

He would probably do another hairline incision in your case, and remove any mucocele, and remove the hardware, and then use an actual FDA approved bone filler to build up and seal that recess in your head. Chest ct scan breast cancer They won’t use this bone filler in SA because derp…it’s expensive.

Try and keep the faith. Head ct scan images I know how disheartening this can be. Abdominal ct scan drink I thought about checking out every day for about two years, but it’s possible to move forward with the right help. Cost of ct scan for kidney stones And by all means keep spreading the word. What is a ct scan with iv contrast People need to understand how risky it is to do what we did. Ct scan table If we had gone to US surgeons we could have sued the living shit out of them. Cost of chest ct scan with contrast When you leave the country though you leave all of your recourse at the border.

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