How to do a content audit for your blog for beginners

Not just busy with doing my other blogging duties and meeting deadlines with client projects etc, but I’ve also been busy working on my own projects, both online and offline, leaving me very little time to actually write blog content.

Now one of the things that I’ve been busy doing over the last three months or so, has been auditing all of the content on Magnet4Blogging. Webmaster tools api Including the copywriting on the homepage, about page, landing pages, sales pages and various other pages.

Back in early January of this year (2016), I sat down and began taking a look at my website as ‘a whole package’. Webmaster tools com I was particularly interested in the existing content and copywriting on my site.

Without sounding as if I’m blowing my own trumpet here, I guess a lot of my content must have been doing a pretty good job at providing some value. Webmaster tools links to your site Because I was already getting emails and praises from people reading my blog, comments, social shares, clients and all the rest of it, way before I even thought about doing a content audit, or improving the copywriting on my pages.

Now design and branding wise, I was fairly happy with my setup. Webmaster tools data I have made some additional small changes to the homepage since the beginning of the year, most notably above the fold.

I did this to start with, because I wanted to make it much clearer about who I was, my passions, my skills and ultimately what business I was in and what value I could provide to people visiting my site. Webmaster tools code I wanted my message to have more clarity if you will.

Now I’ll be honest with you, this is only the second time ever in my entire career as a blogger and marketer, that I’ve done a full content audit. Free forex webmaster tools The last one that I did was about 4 years ago for my previous blog at Magnet4Marketing.

So, simply updating a few static content pages lead me to start preparing for a full-blown blog content audit. Install webmaster tools Well I knew this was going to take a considerable amount of time to do, hence why I decided to reduce my posting frequency back in January. Webmaster tools in google analytics I wrote a post about it here actually, explaining that I was going to take a break from blogging.

If you’ve landed on this page for the very first time, or perhaps you’re new to blogging or online marketing and aren’t too sure what a content audit entails, here is the low-down in a complete nutshell for you.

So if you have a blog with lots of content for instance, that’s evaluating all of your blog posts and all of your static page content, and then making a formal decision as to what you want to do with that content, based on a series of measurable factors and how much of your content holds any true value to your blog or website.

For me it was about wanting to make my website content better, so that it would become more aligned with my goals and objectives (which is to ultimately get more subscribers, and create more leads).

In addition, I also wanted to create a better user-experience on my site for my visitors. Google webmaster tools free download I wanted to make every single piece of content on my blog every bit as useful and problem solving, for anybody who was reading it.

So my advice to you is this – figure out why you really want to do a content audit before you set about doing one. Webmaster tools help center Have a clear goal or objective. Webmaster tools guidelines 54% Increase In Organic Traffic Content Audit Case Study

Literally, after identifying and removing a handful of thin, low quality and low value articles, one of the things I noticed was the significant increase in organic search engine traffic.

Look at the screen capture image of my Google Analytics below. Google analytics and webmaster tools You will notice how towards the end of January and into early February (around the time of me removing pages and posts), organic traffic increased almost instantly overnight?

So if you’re wondering whether doing a content audit for your blog will help you to improve your search engine rankings, and increase traffic in any way, I can’t really say that it will. Webmaster tools crawl url Maybe it will maybe it won’t, I guess it depends on many other factors as well.

Now my goal once again was to ensure that my that blog content was still relevant and still useful to my audience and new visitors, and of course still able to convert those visitors into subscribers and leads.

Seriously, you’ll pull this off more successfully if you are better organised and better prepared. Webmaster tools verification Don’t just got about stabbing around in the dark and do something silly, like delete posts and pages you think you should be deleting, without doing some analysis first.

Below I’ve compiled a list of some of the information and data you might want to gather for your website audit. Online webmaster tools These are also the ones I used for my content audit.

And remember what I said that doing a content audit takes an enormous amount of time and effort. What is webmaster tools in seo It will get tedious I kid you not, but it will all be worth it in the end.

So finally, here’s how I got myself organised to audit the content on my blog successfully, and you can follow the same exact steps if you wish too. Good webmaster tools 3 Steps To Executing A Successful Content Audit For Your Blog Step 1. Webmaster tools keyword research Do a complete URL dump

When you do this for your site, you might also want to include Categories and Tags, but in all honesty you’ll just be making more work for yourself, so just leave it out if you can.

I used my blog’s sitemap to find all of the URL’s for my site. Googe webmaster tools If you have an XML Sitemap generated for your WordPress site, you can use this too. How to use webmaster tools If you don’t yet have a Sitemap, install the Google XML Sitemaps plugin. There’s quite a few sitemap plugin’s about, but this one is the most popular one to use by far.

If you’re using WordPress SEO by Yoast, there’s also a Sitemap feature within this plugin that you could use. Webmaster tools verification meta tag However from previous experience with Yoast, the Sitemap feature doesn’t always behave the way it should. Free webmaster tools scripts That might not be the case for you or everyone else though.

If you don’t use WordPress, or even if you do, to save time there’s a great tool you can use called Auditor by Kapost. Website webmaster tools You simply enter your domain name and the software will crawl your entire site and generate a list of URL’s, which you can then download as CSV. Outils webmaster en ligne You can find that tool here.

OK so going back to dumping URL’s, I used Numbers for the Mac to do my URL dumping and organising, however you can use what ever tool you feel most comfortable with using.

When I started getting myself organised for auditing my blog content, I had around 250+ URL’s to my spreadsheet. List of webmaster tools You may have more or less. Webmaster tools website Remember the more you have, the more time it will obviously take you to do your content auditing. Webmaster tools submit url Step 2. Webmaster tools google seo Organise your spreadsheet

Again, you can follow the same process as above or add your own set of categories. Webmaster tools home page So let me dive deeper into each of these categories and their meaning or purpose if you like.

Pretty self explanatory stuff. Search engine webmaster tools Basically I would keep all the posts and pages that were current and up to date on my blog. Webmaster tools backlinks These would be content posts and pages with 2,000 words or more, and getting good traffic from all sources, high levels of engagement and converting reasonably well.

These content posts and pages would need major updating, some with content upgrades to boost opt-in conversions. Webmaster tools optimization These would mostly be my product review posts, how to articles, resource list posts and pages etc.

I would combine multiple posts that were written on the same topic or subject. What is google webmaster tools used for These would be posts with low word count, getting satisfactory levels of traffic, but low engagement. Webmaster tools training These would mostly be quick blogging tips, quick insight posts, quick how to tutorial posts.

I would remove all the posts that were basically dead. How to install webmaster tools These would be content posts and pages with low value, very low traffic, zero engagement and zero conversions.

To avoid creating too many 404 error page-not-found pages, I would add 301 redirection to each post I removed, and have them lead to another relevant and related piece of content on my blog.

Whilst these posts still offered great value, they’d usually be ones that received low to no traffic. Webmaster tools home page optimization So instead of deleting them I would simply make them better, no-index them and promote them further.

So as you can see by adding categories like this, it makes the whole process of auditing blog content easier, but not necessarily faster. Webmaster tools malware Step 3. Search webmaster tools help Start your content auditing engine

If you’re going to make and use a URL list like this for your blog’s content auditing, go through each page or post with a fine-tooth comb, and again, take your time.

I can’t stress enough on how important it is to take your time with this. Webmaster tools forum Yes it’s going to be extremely time consuming and tedious going through each post, it’s not a quick process at all, but again it will all be worth it in the end.

Whilst my content auditing is now very close to completion, I’m still working on a a few posts and pages here and there, the ones that have escaped my URL dump stage somehow.

How I did this, was to start off with all the posts and pages that were getting at least 50+ page views per month. Webmaster tools 2013 These would go into either a “keep as” column or “make good” column if I needed to improve the content of a post or page.

Then I focused on the posts and pages that were getting less than 50 page views per month. Webmaster tools download I would put these URL’s in either one of the three remaining columns to work on later. Webmaster tools php Either “remove”, “consolidate” or “no-index”. Site webmaster tools Content Auditing Tools That I Used

So there you have it, a detailed breakdown of how I carried out a reasonably successful and painless content audit for my blog, and how you can do the same without losing your mind or going insane.

I’ll say this one last time, this stuff takes a lot of time to do, so don’t commit to doing a full-blown content audit for your blog if you think you’ll just give up half-way through.

By the way, if you have any tips, ideas, suggestions, tools you’d like to share to make content auditing easier for anyone reading this, please leave them in the comment section below.

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