How to create a contact form using html5, css3 and php – tangled in design

Stephen specialises in design and front-end development, notably HTML5 & semantics, scalable CSS, along with particular expertise in the experimental, cutting edge CSS3 modules. Best php classes in mumbai Stephen’s been in the industry as a full-time professional for over 5 years, during which he has graduated with a First Class BA Honours degree, written a 380 page book on advanced CSS3 and held Senior positions in both New Zealand and South Wales. Php coaching classes in mumbai Personally, I feel it is important to be aware of the [positive] impact HTML5 will have on forms and the way they will function in years to come.

Php classes xml Realistically, we can’t implement all of the new features today, but you don’t want to be lagging behind the rest of the industry when these features finally become widely supported. Classes php Having said that, this tutorial will be focusing on the new HTML5 features that are already supported by all the major browsers, or that at least employ graceful degradation for the browsers that are still trying to play catch up. Online php training with live project First of all, this is not a Photoshop tutorial. Online training php script I have designed the look of the form, but we’re going to be focusing on replicating it using the latest coding techniques and making it function correctly. Classes and objects in php tutorial Now we have a design to work towards, we’re going to form the structure of the contact form using HTML5. Classes and objects in php with example Firstly, open up a new PHP file and save it as index.php. Php classes chicago Now, because we need to use PHP to make the form function, you will need access to a web server in order to test your code. Php classes online Ideally, you could set up your own machine as a server using Xampp; alternatively, if you have some online hosting space, you could use that, however this method means you will have to re-upload the files whenever you want to test them. Php classes in pune kothrud Doctype Okay, now we’ve got our blank PHP document, let’s start with the appropriate doctype, which is a lot simpler in HTML5 than previous versions to say the least! I get the feeling we have a clear winner here? I think this sets the precedent for HTML5, as many of the new tags and attributes represent a simplified method of doing the things that used to take twice the amount of code or several lines of JavaScript. Free online php training video Structure So, we have a header section, a content section and a footer section. How to use php classes All very simple right? Yes, but with HTML5, it’s even simpler. Online php programming classes And much more semantic too. Online classes for php That’s right. Php classes and objects examples No divs. Php training classes HTML5 has introduced new tags that actually have real meaning and purpose, much more semantic than simply using divs all over the place. Online php training videos I’ve also given each of these elements a class of ‘body’ to show that they are part of the main content body and can be styled as such. Php les classes You could of course achieve this with a div wrapper, but with only a few main body elements, it’s just as easy to assign classes in this case. Php online training from india The Form You may have noticed that the input tags work slightly differently to XHTML, where they are closed using the forward-slash character; . Classes in php tutorial pdf In HTML5, this tag has again, been simplified to just . Php built in classes Input Name All of the tags also have the name attribute declared. Php classes in karachi This comes into play later on when we create the PHP script that will handle the form data. Php list classes Input Type The type attribute has seen some major improvement in the transition from XHTML to HTML5. Php classes in pune Unfortunately, most of the new types can’t realistically be used as of yet due to minimal support, but it’s nice to know that they will make our jobs a lot easier in years to come. Php classes in jaipur There are however, certain types that we can use, and see the benefits of right now – however small these benefits might be. Php classes in urdu I have included type=”email” in this tutorial, because there is no downside to employing it – there are only positives. Php classes and objects It may not be anything mind-blowing, but it’s worth implementing, as any browsers that don’t support this new input type, simply recognise it as type=”text”. Php classes in ahmedabad And on the iPhone, this type causes a modified keyboard to appear when the email field is selected, which includes a reduced space bar and the @ symbol takes centre focus. Php classes in borivali attributes are another area of major innovation in HTML5, allowing developers to achieve things that were previously only possible through the use of several lines of JavaScript. Les classes en php The particular one we’re using is the placeholder attribute, which is reasonably well supported in the most recent browser releases. Php classes bhopal It allows you to assign a value to a text field, which when selected, disappears and, if no text has been entered, will reappear again when de-selected. Online php training in hyderabad I’ve used this idea for a long time now, but it’s always used some bulky, ugly JavaScript code to make it work. Les classes php Not very pretty is it? This is where we can use some CSS to spruce things up a bit and make it look closer to the original design. Php classes org Firstly, let’s give the form a more familiar feel by making it read top to bottom rather than left to right. Php classes in mumbai andheri label { Giving the label elements a property and value of display:block; allows them to behave like a block level element, thus forcing the text boxes down onto the next line. Php classes nagpur I’ve also applied a couple of other self-explanatory properties for spacing and aesthetic purposes. Php how to use classes Next, we need to centre the page and the form, and we’re going to style the boxes, after which we will really start to see the page transform. Php classes and objects tutorial /* Centre the page */ All of the above is pretty standard CSS; applying a width to the elements with the .body class as well as margin:0 auto; will centre the page, and the same technique centres the form within the page. Php using classes tutorial The input and textarea elements share many of the same CSS values, but there are a couple of properties that differentiate the main message text box from the text fields. Php framework classes in pune Obviously the textarea requires much more height, but we’re also applying a very subtle background image to this element. Understanding php classes To do this we simply state the image source and position it correctly by setting the other background values to right and no-repeat. Best php classes You can see that we have added three new lines to our CSS which will render rounded corners in all major browsers… except of course for Internet Explorer 8 and below. Php classes nyc The standard border-radius property will work in Opera, the -webkit prefix works for Chrome and Safari and the -moz prefix renders rounded corners in Firefox. Using php classes One last thing to address regarding the text boxes is to assign them a very subtle :focus state in order to provide some visual feedback to the users actions. Php programming classes This, once again, couldn’t be simpler. Php classes and objects w3schools input:focus, textarea:focus { Finally, we’re going to create our custom submit button. Online php training free The submit button is an element, so we gave it its own id=”submit” in order to override some of the CSS we had already assigned to elements, as shown below. Learn php classes #submit { Firstly, we assign the appropriate width and height of the button, before setting its background image to the button we created in the design. Online php training in india The text-indent:-9999px; line is a little trick to hide the actual ‘Submit’ text from the button and simply display the background image. Class in php tutorial w3schools Finally, we assign the button a :hover state, within which we’ve utilised another little aspect of CSS3 in the form of the opacity property, which is widely supported across the major browsers, except from… yep, you’ve guessed it. Php mysql classes in pune First things first, we need to revisit the HTML so we can add a couple of bits that will allow the form to communicate with the PHP script. Php classes explained

The method=”post” attribute provides the PHP script with a method of extracting the values from the form, so the script can then do what it wants with those values. Php classes for mysql queries The action=”index.php” attribute simply tells us the location of the PHP script; in this case, because it’s only a few lines of code, we’re going to insert it just above the form in our index.php file. Php institute in pune So when the form is submitted, it will go to index.php and find the script. Working with classes in php Take another look at the HTML above and you will see that each of the form elements have the name attribute. Php list all classes The PHP uses this attribute to extract the data from each of the form elements. Php classes pune Let’s look at how it does this… element to our form. Array of classes php We’re going to insert this element just before the submit button. What are php classes Now back to the PHP, we need to use the POST method to extract whatever the user has entered into this field. Php classes in baroda Because we gave the element a name of “human”, we add the following line to our PHP; $human = $_POST[‘human’];. Learn php classes and objects Remember the PHP if statement we used to carry out functions only once the form had been submitted? Well we’re going to need to slightly modify that statement now. Classes for php in mumbai

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