How systems engineering can help fix health care

When an aircraft manufacturer decides to create a new model, it doesn’t ask pilots and crew to identify the best cabin, wings, jet engines, and other parts, and then put all the pieces together. Lsu new innovations A plane developed that way wouldn’t fly. New innovations in it technology The company begins with a goal, such as safely carrying 250 passengers nonstop from New York to London in under six hours, and follows a disciplined approach to identify the components and subsystems that meet those requirements.

By contrast, the way we build hospitals and clinics typically happens in a piecemeal, patchwork approach.

New ideas and innovations llc Institutions purchase hundreds of individual, siloed technologies — each with its own work processes, training, and user interfaces — based on what the market offers. New ideas and technology We then plop them into an ICU or operating room and hope that they somehow work together.

• Different monitors emit alarms that compete with one another for the attention of clinicians, who must sort out which signify serious conditions and which don’t. New innovations duty hours Sometimes they miss critical alarms amid the noise.

• Devices, electronic medical records, and even patient beds have electronic information that can help diagnose conditions and assess risks. New it innovations However, clinicians must consult each one individually, rather than seeing a unified display of information from them.

• Time that could be spent with patients and their loved ones is instead squandered in front of computer monitors, as clinicians click through dozens of screens in search of relevant information.

All of this leads to needless patient harm, low productivity, excessive costs, and clinician burnout. New innovations in technology 2012 Doctors and nurses feel as though they’re serving technology, not the other way around. New ideas and innovations Preventing complications, errors, and other harm too often depends on the heroism of clinicians rather than the design of safe systems.

We need a new approach, one that puts the needs of patients and clinicians first. New innovations in information technology 2012 We need to integrate technology, people, and processes so that they are seamlessly joined in pursuit of a shared goal.

While this is new for health care, it has become routine in other complex, high-risk fields. New innovations in technology 2014 It is the realm of systems engineering, a field that has contributed to jaw-dropping achievements, such as sending a spacecraft on a nine-year voyage to Pluto and designing a nuclear submarine.

At Johns Hopkins, we experienced how powerful systems engineering can be when we set out to improve patient safety and quality of care in intensive care units. Uva new innovations Patient safety researchers and clinicians from Johns Hopkins Medicine partnered with the systems engineers and systems integrators of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL). New innovations website For 75 years APL has supported the Department of Defense and other government agencies as a “trusted agent” to solve critical challenges, such as building satellites and weapons systems on ships.

The APL team guided patients, family members, clinicians, and researchers from nearly 20 medical disciplines through an exhaustive process of defining our goals, understanding our priorities, listing the functions that the system must perform, and determining measures of success. New innovations in science These discussions led us to set the goal of reducing seven of the most common and serious preventable harms facing ICU patients. New innovations in technology They included five clinical harms, such as hospital-acquired infections and complications, as well as two “social harms,” lack of respect and misalignment of care with the patient’s goals. New and innovative business ideas in india No doubt, patients are at risk for more than seven harms. New innovations suny downstate But we had to focus because the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, which funded the project, wanted to ensure that we demonstrated results.

In interviews and meetings with stakeholders and through observing clinicians and patients interact, we identified layers and layers of requirements for a system that would achieve our goal. New innovations in technology computers Our solution was Project Emerge, a system that integrates data from several sources into one easy-to-read computer display. New innovations in construction technology It combined data from existing technologies, such as the electronic patient record, with new ones, such as sensors that track patient activity or the angle of a bed. New innovation technologies dubai In the same way that pilots get all essential information in cockpit displays, Emerge lets clinicians quickly see if patients are getting all the care necessary to prevent the seven harms. New innovations partners A second computer display helps patients and families engage with their care team and take a more active role in their care.

One module of Emerge, focusing on the prevention of ICU-acquired weakness, demonstrates the elegance of a systems engineering approach. New innovations for 2014 Research tells us that patients regain their strength earlier and have fewer related complications when they start moving as soon as safely possible during their stay in the hospital. New innovations in electrical technology Yet in most ICUs there isn’t a culture to support early mobility; clinicians are not conditioned to ask every day whether their bedbound patients are able to get moving, or whether they are meeting their mobility goals. New innovations sign in There are no devices or displays that inform patients of their progress or warn them if they are falling short.

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