High tuition fees of karachi private schools

“i like to inform you regarding tution frr mr kids lern in . Free online php training video AL SAQIB PUBLIC SCHOOL. How to use php classes NAZIM ABAD NO. Online php programming classes IV. Online classes for php LSDT YER THEY INCREASE RS. Php classes and objects examples 200 AFTHER STARTED NEW SECTION ( after buying new books and student buy a uniform and start study ) and know in 2010 afther summer holydayes they given notice to increase an other rs. Php training classes 200 fron ugst 2010 on word. Online php training videos how it is posibale for parents to pay rs. Php les classes 400 in one year they directer has allowed to get increase tuition fee ? parents are afread to wht they can do / after 5 month of strated sextion they can increase how it is. Php online training from india thanks if u do any thing.”

“I would like to bring your attention on the issue of collecting the tuition fee of June and July in advance in the month of Jan-Feb or Feb-Mar. Classes in php tutorial pdf Ministry of Education every year issue a notification that private school are not allowed to take fee in advance.

Php built in classes But as government has no writ in any other functional area, same here, Private schools management doesnt notice the government instruction and pressurize the student/children to bring their fee in advance; otherwise students will not be allowed to participate in final examination. Php classes in karachi The other view of taking advance fee is to make money through interest. Php list classes In the interest of reader, just calculate. Php classes in pune Suppose we have 5000 school in Karachi and every school on average every school have 300 student with average fee of 1000. Php classes in jaipur How much money school are making by taking fee in advance, Rs. Php classes in urdu 1,500,000,000/- for June and 1,500,000,000/- for July. Php classes and objects If calculate markup for 6 month @ 15%, it will come Rs. Php classes in ahmedabad 112,500,000 for June and Rs. Php classes in borivali 112,500,000 for July. Les classes en php Wow. Php classes bhopal Who will help the foolish and innocent Parents, nobody but Pir Mazhar ul Haq and Mansoob Hussain Siddiqui. Online php training in hyderabad Schools management give reason that we have to pay salaries to staff. Les classes php I can bat that there is no school in Karachi pays June or July salary in advance to their teachers and other administration staff. Php classes org Regards”

“I would like to bring to the notice of Private Institutions Sindh (DPIS) Director Mr. Php classes in mumbai andheri Mansoob Siddiqui, as he has quoted the section (I)II Rule 6 that a school can not increase their fees in current session, but this is not being followed by Hyderi Public School Karachi, located near the Arts Council, as they have increase the Fee by Rs. Php classes nagpur 100 in the running session, and have asked the parents to pay the increased fee for June & July, now how can the parents bear this as they are in habit of increasing the fee every year and no one is there to question them, due to the high level of corruption in our country this directorate is also making money and by not looking into these matters. Php how to use classes The end is that now we should add DIPS also in the list of most corrupt departments of our country like the Police / Customs / Immigration / and many Government department of Pakistan “They are not bound to wait for three years,” he said. Php classes and objects tutorial “According to Section(I) II of Rule 6, the fee structure of an institute shall not be interfered with by the registering authority, but the fee shall not be increased during the course of any academic year,” he explained.”

“I have been asked by the management of Nasra Public School to pay annual fee amounting to Rs 2,000/- along with stationary fee for 2011-12. Php using classes tutorial can any one tell me what does it mean by annual fee? regards Shahzad Ahmed”

“We have a school in our society Chappal Sun City, school name is The Haracks School they have only 200 students and they are asking for Rs. Php framework classes in pune 40000 for admission and Rs. Understanding php classes 6000 monthly in addition Rs. Best php classes 12000 as a security deposit. Php classes nyc wow………”

“I have my Kidz in a very exceptional school located in Malir. Using php classes Al-Kamran Public School. Php programming classes I wonder how they are managing such an exceptional school in just Rs.900/ a month. Php classes and objects w3schools No admission fee, on-line education, multimedia labs. Online php training free This is what required today. Learn php classes An exceptional school. Online php training in india Please visit and refer,”

“I would like to bring in your kind notice that I have been asked by the School management of Sadequain Jauhar Academy, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi to pay Rs.350/= on account of issuance of Mark Sheet and Provisional Certificate of my child who recently passed the S.S.C examination 2012. Class in php tutorial w3schools In this connection your urgent advice is solicited.”

“The Educator School Gulshan-E-Iqbal Branch is also increased 10% every year Plus Annual Charges, Currently, I am Rs: 3300/= PM as a tuition fee, this is too much, and the authority must interfere on this issue and force the school to adhere the Government Policy meant for increasing fee. Php mysql classes in pune Regards”

“I want to admit my 4 childrens in class 5, 3, kg, montessry, in johar branch which is situated at kDa overseas banglows plz inform me the admission fees and monthly fees schedule.?”

“I would like to bring your kind attention to the SMART School safoora Management who increasing the tution fee every year. Php classes explained They started a school in 2013 with Rs.2200/- PM and increased to Rs.3000/- PM in 2014 & now they also increase Rs.500/- per month, they will charge Rs.3500/- per month from April 2015, and also getting june july fees in advance. Php classes for mysql queries They have about 600 students in the school. Php institute in pune The same school in lahore getting Rs.1800/- per month but in karachi they are charging Rs.3500/- which is almost 50% increase in karachi than other cities. Working with classes in php Government & high officials may notice on this business of schools. Php list all classes Thanks?”

“Congratulations to Dr.Izhar, I hope he will improve the standart of the SZBIST by his experience and wisdom.His presedency will accilerate the smooth running of the institution because this intitute in Sindh is as a fountain in a desert.”

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