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Following that meeting, I contacted all my SEO agency clients that did not have a good (or any) mobile experience to tell them how the growth of mobile internet use was going to change their business. Webmaster tools index Some listened and proceeded to implement mobile SEO recommendations, from mobile landing pages to mobile websites.

I’m not sure if “responsive web design” was common vernacular at that time for SEOs, SEMs or developers. Webmaster tools tutorial videos Creating mobile experiences designed specifically for search was painstaking, yet most clients who made the investment yielded a huge windfall as early adopters.

Not only did we grab early organic search traffic, but also we bought as much paid search advertising as we could. Webmaster tools dashboard SEM clients found that click-through rates increased 40%, 50%, 60% and even 70% over desktop experiences, which boosted Quality Scores and drove down the cost per click. Webmaster tools in analytics Our conversion rates increased often well over 100% (really), and the cost per acquisition (leads or sales) nose-dived.

In fact, I recall one client who was the ONLY advertiser in their market vertical for almost 6 months. Blog webmaster tools Imagine owning 100% of the mobile market for 6 months? Wow, how the first-mover advantage paid-off for this business!

For the next several years, I helped clients leverage search demand from their mobile devices. Webmaster tools tutorial 2014 I worked with those who had lots of locations (e.g., franchises) to use paid search advertising for hyperlocal mobile-only campaigns that drove calls to these places using local extensions.

For lots of clients, we implemented click-to-call ads, and for those clients with mobile apps, click-to-download ads to drive app adoption. Webmaster tools seo optimization The brands with apps are really loving this investment now. Webmaster tools tutorial 2013 These brands can communicate directly to customers, completely bypassing the expense of search advertising and emails that may or may not get delivered or opened.

For SEO clients, we integrated maps into their desktop and mobile experiences and in Google Places (the precursor to Google My Business). Yoast seo webmaster tools verification This improved organic listings and helped drive foot traffic. Free webmaster tools download I especially loved monthly reporting for local SEO clients, where I could show how many people viewed and engaged with their Google Places listing.

Along with mobile-friendliness as a mobile search ranking factor, Google had more news to announce. Google analytics and google webmaster tools Now apps would be returned in search results, both for users who are signed-in to Google and for those who have an app installed. How to verify webmaster tools Suddenly, for a couple clients, app indexing was the hottest ticket in town after “50 Shades of Grey.”

For many search engine marketers, this update was rightly called “Mobilegeddon.” Several SEO agencies and analytics firms reported up to a 20% reduction in search rankings or traffic to “non-mobile friendly sites.” In contrast, SEM firms and digital marketing agencies also reported up to a 40% increase in clicks on mobile search ads during the same period.

At Bruce Clay, we experienced the impact from Google’s Mobilegeddon 2015 ranking algorithm update for our clients, as well. Webmaster tools fetch as google Here is a typical result from a client that elected to focus on SEO for both desktop and mobile devices.

In the summer of 2015, Bruce Clay wrapped up an SEO campaign for a national retailer with franchises across the United States and Canada. Webmaster tools search queries We increased their desktop traffic 89% in spite of numerous Panda, Pigeon, Penguin and Pirate algorithm effects. Tools webmaster While certainly impressive, that was not the really cool part. What is the webmaster tools home page We worked with the client to optimize their mobile experience, and they experienced a 270% increase in mobile traffic, which helped contribute to a 148% increase in scheduled appointments. Webmaster tools list Although already a North American market leader, they saw a dramatic change to their revenue composite with a growth in organic search traffic and local mobile traffic. Webmaster tools submit sitemap Mobile-First Indexing

Will this update become Mobilegeddon 2? The truth is, we don’t really know until it happens. Bing webmaster tools submit url However, I am reminded of the meeting agenda with my Google account representative sharing these four topics:

While financial representatives are legally obligated to state that past experience is not a predictor of the future, it seems certain that Mobilegeddon 2 will be a disrupter.

At Bruce Clay, we are advising clients about the importance of mobile, even if they don’t get a lot of mobile traffic today. Webmaster tools https The good news is that most clients have responsive sites, making this transition to mobile-first indexing much easier. Webmaster tools wordpress These clients are now working on improving organic ranking of their mobile user experiences and subsequently conversion rate optimization (mobile-to-lead or mobile-to-sale).

We also have a number of clients that have mobile-friendly sites. Webmaster tools home These scenarios are a bit complex, as we’ve found several situations where these mobile experiences don’t have the same exact content as their desktop equivalent.

At this writing, Google is ranking their business using the desktop user experience. Google analytics webmaster tools For ease of math, let’s assume their desktop site has 100 pages of content, yet their mobile-friendly site has just 50 pages of content.

If a business does not have any mobile experience, yet most of their competitors have either responsive websites or mobile-friendly websites, how much traffic will the business lose?

As an agency, the Bruce Clay team of SEOs works with clients to prepare for Mobilegeddon 2, as they know the update will be coming to our mobile phones sometime in 2017. Gg webmaster tools Our analysts are asking these business questions and working through numerous what-if scenarios and action plans.

We are even asking ourselves what-if questions about PageRank. Googlr webmaster tools For example, how will that silly Google PageRank be changed, if at all, for mobile-first indexing? This question came up recently because of an off-the-cuff tweet from a Google employee.

Unfortunately, Google is still using PageRank even though it is an easily manipulated concept. Google webmaster tools submit url I am concerned that people from Google make public comments like this after the company has told us repeatedly not to focus on PageRank for SEO.

Second-guessing ranking factors like PageRank — these are the kinds of questions we are asking among technical SEO agencies today to predict the unpredictable ranking changes that will come following the switch to the mobile-first index. Verify webmaster tools Need Help? Have Questions?

Use our contact form and let me know your big questions. Big webmaster tools We can even sign an NDA and take a deep dive into your data to identify potentially unknown vulnerabilities or worse, outright risks.

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