Getting into artificial intelligence – education

I would really like to get the thoughts of people who work in fields that are associated with artificial intelligence (AI), or who have had experience studying it, as i’m currently deciding on whether i should pursue it or not.

I’ve done a 4yr undergrad degree in Psychology and have been working in the field for about 2.5years, and although i have an interest in working with humans, i have always had an interest in working with computers. Artificial intelligence full length movie I think that at this point in my career, i am looking at crossing over and using my knowledge of human behaviour and cognition to aid the research of AI (and in the future hopefully be able to research in both areas and use them to aid eachother).

Currently I am considering doing a Masters in IT at UNSW starting next year as they have a research centre for AI and seem to be the only uni in NSW that focuses more on Computer Science, rather than IT in their post grad degrees. Artificial intelligence pdf Has anybody had experience doing this course that they could share? I was going to major in AI and do electives around programming, designing algorithms, databases, and hopefully robotics.

I’ve been reading a few threads on WP about masters courses in IT and in general so I am a bit concerned about some of the issues (like students being in the course just for residency, poor standards, dumbed down teaching, etc).

Artificial intelligence devices I’m working full time and so this will be a big commitment and I want to apply myself to something that will be useful and worhtwhile learning. Artificial intelligence movie online The entry requirements look pretty good for this course, so hopefully that will weed out the uninterested:

‘ at least a four year undergraduate degree equivalent to a standard Australian bachelor degree in science or engineering, and a high credit average achieved over the final two years of study;

or a three year undergraduate degree equivalent to a standard Australian bachelor degree in computer science and engineering, and a high credit average achieved over the final two years of study;

I’ve got a bit under a year to continue with my research, so I will be going to information sessions, doing reading into the area, contacting lecturers, etc. Features of artificial intelligence I’ve already started teaching myself C to get the principles of programming down before i start. Artificial intelligence programs At the moment i just want to get the thoughts of people who have gone through the experience and can share their hindsight knowledge. Computer science artificial intelligence I appreciate any knowledge that can be shared.

AI has very little to do with human intelligence. Aspects of artificial intelligence The most interesting stuff, in my opinion, is heavily based in discrete mathematics and involves developing specialised algorithms to solve hard problems. Examples of artificial intelligence in games There is no intelligence per se — you study the problem and come up with a method that usually exploits its structure. Research paper on artificial intelligence Here you find the topics of classical AI: search, planning, scheduling, constraint satisfaction etc.

There are subfields within AI devoted to computational intelligence methods too. The journal of artificial intelligence research Here the main focus of study is how to apply techniques such as neural nets and genetic algorithms to solving the same kind of hard problems I mentioned above. Artificial intelligence movie online megavideo I dislike this stuff as it is imprecise and its practitioners rarely learn anything about the nature of the algorithms they develop or the problems they claim to study. Artificial intelligence recent developments Working in this area usually involves fiddling some parameters on your favorite learning technique until you start getting a solution that looks better than someone else’s.

Finally, there is the related field of Machine Learning — a much more rigorous discipline that is similar to computational intelligence but more grounded in mathematics and statistics.

Thanks for that Mat, it sounds really interesting. Artificial intelligence elsevier Creating game AI has crossed my mind from time to time and i wouldn’t shut it out as an option. Artificial intelligence programming for beginners This is definitely one way of combining psychology and AI that i would be interested in pursuing.

Another thing that i’ve been considering is more research focused, and involves modelling human intelligence into a system and manipulating that in order to see the outcomes. Search in artificial intelligence I would then like to be able to take this knowledge and use it to shape human models as it can often be very difficult to directly gather this information. Artificial intelligence importance In psychology, a lot of knowledge about how different areas of the brain works is because somebody has had an accident or some disorder that has rendered that part of the brain impaired. Ai techniques in artificial intelligence You obviously can’t deliberately damage parts of somebody’s brain to see what the effects are, but if you could create computational models of how certain functions of the brain work then you would in theory be able to manipulate them and in turn hopefully be able to create better human models.

It depends on the problem. What is learning in artificial intelligence In the context of multi-agent systems where all that’s desired is some emergent group behaviour these methods are fine. Artificial intelligence term paper In the context of optimisation, I don’t rate them at all.

The issue for me is not that the algorithms don’t work — they’ve been shown to work reasonably well on a range of problems. Artificial intelligence synopsis Rather, I dislike that you have no idea why they work or how well they’re going to work. Artificial intelligence latest news Applying such techniques usually requires only some parameter tuning and a liberal application of faith. Artificial intelligence in future If that doesn’t work, just pick up another CI technique and try again.

By comparison, search-based algorithms require the practitioner to know something about the structure of the problem at hand. Download artificial intelligence movie If your favourite technique doesn’t work, you can analyse the process and try to identify why. Ai artificial intelligence part 1 You can look for ways to prune the number of branches on the search tree, try to develop some lower-bounds to guide the search or otherwise characterise, theoretically, the relationship between memory, time and problem size.

It’s work like this that’s led computer scientists to understand that while certain problems are inherently intractable slightly relaxing certain constraints can yield tractable variants. Development of artificial intelligence The same kind of approach has also led AI practitioners to understand phase shifts in search problems and develop the idea of backbones that appear in many solutions. Pattern matching in artificial intelligence The entire process is much more rigorous and leads to much better Science.

I’ve done a 4yr undergrad degree in Psychology and have been working in the field for about 2.5years, and although i have an interest in working with humans, i have always had an interest in working with computers.

Sounds like you are more interested in cognitive science, which is a broad area focusing on various aspects of the brain eg psychology, neurobiology, artificial intelligence, vision etc.

I have a masters thesis in artificial intelligence, following an honours degree in computer science. Artificial intelligence dvd Anyone half competent in artificial intelligence should exposure to algorithms (eg A*, alpha-beta pruning), mathematical logic (eg for logic programming), machine learning, natural language, robotics.

I believe the theory surrounding this is a feedback loop. Applications of artificial intelligence in safe human robot interactions Better understanding human cognition can help you model this more accurately and the resulting improvements in ai/brain modeling/cognition simulations can aid in our research of human cognition.

That’s precisely what i’m trying to say. Artificial intelligence in robotics I’d like to be able to bridge 2 fields, or like GeneralKnowItAll suggested, get into the area of Cognitive Science. Artificial intelligence in robotics research paper Knowing my personality and my strengths though, I would like to be able to have knowledge in both the Psychology and AI fields. Al artificial intelligence I know as well that the Psych department at UNSW can be pretty picky about doing joint projects with other departments, so having that knowledge already would be a big advantage i believe.

I also agree with GeneralKnowItAll, that anybody wanting to work in the AI field should be familiar with several concepts, which is why im considering the Masters in IT at UNSW (which, despite it’s name, sounds more like a Computer Science Masters).

Cascade1, it is a bit of fantasy and intellectual curiosity, but if it wasn’t for that then we wouldn’t be where we are now. Best artificial intelligence programs If nobody was curius then we would still be in the stone age (as Zev kindly pointed out). What does artificial intelligence do If i do get into research then that’s a career in itself. Artificial intelligence python Whether it’s in Australia or overseas, I believe that there will always be room for AI research granted the speed that technology is growing. The meaning of artificial intelligence Sure the field has it’s peaks and troughs, but I’m a registered psychologist, and that in itself gives me a lot of options. Artificial intelligence defintion Sure i could be doing private practice for the rest of my life, but i would like something more stimulating and practical to balance that out.

Hey I know this post was from a while back but i just came across it trying to do some research on what I should study in order to get into AI, and this looked like a good thread to get some advice on.

I’m an undergraduate right now and am going to become a junior this fall 2013. Prolog programming for artificial intelligence examples I want to get into more of the behavioral side of AI but I’ve been studying Biomedical Engineering at USC for the past 2 years. Learning methods in artificial intelligence I was wondering if I should switch to Computer Science or if there’s still a way I can get into AI studying biomedical engineering. Five examples of artificial intelligence I have a pretty good programming background (a couple of internships and learning most of it by myself on the side) but I’m not sure if just some side knowledge will be enough.

I can still switch to CS this upcoming semester, but I won’t be able to switch later because I wouldn’t be able to graduate in 4 years and USC is pretty pricy. Artificial intelligence research paper I do want to go to graduate school/PhD so I’m not sure if I’d still be able to get into a CS or Neuroscience program. Artificial intelligence in machines Any advice?

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