F30 m performance stainless steel pedals install diy

My local dealership was running a parts special for M Performance items, so I picked up a set of the F30 M Performance Stainless Steel Pedals (Automatic). Install word Couldn’t find a detailed DIY on the forums, so here we are. How to install php on web server Was an easy install taking me less than 45 minutes to complete.

The MSRP for the pedals are $150 and I paid like $116 with discount then taxes. How to install php step by step I know that is an absurd amount of money to pay for a set of pedals but it adds a very nice touch to the interior of the car to which this F30 driver feels should have came standard with the Sportline, but I digress.

Next find the nuts and bolts included in the pedal kit (3 nuts and 3 bolts) and find a drill that is a little bit larger than the bolt. Install default mail client The bolt needs to slide freely through the brake pedal to thread into the nut on the opposite side. Install microsoft word Once you have found the correct drill bit, go ahead and put just the rubber portion of the M pedal on. How to install phpmyadmin There is a lip on the inside of this cover that the brake pedal needs to fit under in order for it to line up properly. Install viber Once the pedal is aligned, take the drill and make some starter holes on the pedal. How to install a php script The starter holes will allow you to remove the rubber M pedal and continue to drill without ruining the rubber. Install office It takes a little bit of elbow grease and time to get these holes drilled through the carbon steel pedal. Php install sendmail This is a picture of two holes finished with one to go to give you a general idea:

After all the holes are drilled, you can put the rubber M pedal cover on and then place the stainless steel part on and thread the bolts through attach the nuts to the other side. Download and install php As mentioned earlier, the bolts are a STAR PATTERN and NOT PHILLIPS. Php install extension Here is a picture of the bit I used:

On to the next pedal, go ahead and take the time to clean the stock plastic pedal to ensure good adhesive contact. Php install iis7 The M gas pedal has an adhesive backing that has two screws that screw directly into the gas pedal. How to install php on windows We just have to drill some small pilot holes for the screws to thread into first. Install firefox So go ahead and practice putting the M gas pedal on and see how it lines up because I believe once you stick it to the pedal you won’t be able to remove it.

Find a drill bit that is slightly SMALLER than the screws provided. Ubuntu install php xdebug If you drill this too big, the screw threads will not grab to the plastic and you have wasted your time. Php install mysqli With the correct drill bit selected, go ahead and drill some pilot holes. Osx install php Once they are drilled, go ahead and use the star pattern screw bit and screw them into the stock gas pedal.

Overall, this is a very easy install that if you take your time and be careful should have no issues with. Download php 5 windows I would rate this a 2 out of 5 in terms of difficulty because of the drilling factor. Install minecraft mods Again, BMW should have included this in the Sportline and M Sportline but they didn’t because their German formulas didn’t compute. Install facebook download Good luck.

Sorry to hear it was a challenge. Ubuntu install zimbra Often times it really comes down to the right tools and some patience. Install teamviewer Having done this same job on my Porsche, I was a tad more experienced. How to install php plugin in eclipse My best tip is buying/using a dremel to pilot the holes before you drill. Free install google chrome It saves from snapping drill bits and making crooked holes.

See, challenging implies that it was difficult at first, which allowed me some opportunities at learning and ultimately becoming better, then success and finally triumph! None of that happened here. Install php 5 Just plain tedious little task that was difficult and ultimately annoying to complete.

Installed mine today using this guide. Free install windows xp professional Was a relative breeze. Install php5 ubuntu Take your time and use the right tools. Php html Drilling the brake pedal is pretty easy, I used regular but new (ie SHARP) black oxide drill bits.

After mounting the rubber piece I used a center punch through each hole to give my drill bit something to start on. How to install php on iis7 I used a 1/8″ bit then jumped right to the 5/32. Install xampp Only minor issue was the 5/32 bit wanted to grab the rough edges and stop spinning so I had to get it going at full speed then lightly touch the hole to chamfer it abit but then it zipped through and opened it up quickly.

Took some fiddling to get all the screws in and the locknuts on the back. Install a web server for php The gas pedal is ridiculously easy. Java install error 2753 As was said above play with it abit to see how it fits before removing the red adhesive cover. Php query string Found the best method for me was start at the top. Php install linux Once stuck in place, drill the two pilot holes with the 3/32″ bit and tighten the screws. How to install php in centos Done.

I just completed the pedal installation this weekend. Free install gps I benefited from the tips in this thread and wanted to share my experience. Install x code I bought some Ryobi titanium drill bits at Home Depot for $20. Install php 7 centos I did break one but it was because I started with too small a pilot hole. How to install phpmyadmin on mac I found the clutch pedal steel was much softer than the brake pedal. Install outlook I installed the rubber covers and gave a couple good whacks to a center punch in all six holes and then removed the rubber covers and drilled six holes with a 110v drill, not a battery powered drill. How to install php on linux I stated with a real small pilot hole, broke a bit and moved up to 1/8″ and then 5/32″ I then filed the back of the pedals to remove any burrs. How to install php script in wordpress All of of this was easy and straightforward. Install quicken The hardest thing I encountered was trying to get the the locknut to pick up the threads on the upper machine screw on the brake pedal. Install php xdebug Finally, for the gas pedal, i cleaned the original pedal with isopropyl achohol. Install zynga poker I then exposed the double back tape and folded the new pedal cover down from the top affixixing it to the gas pedal. Install chrome I then drilled two 3/32″ holes and installed both self tapping screws. Php new line By the way all of the screws have Torx T15 heads. Php install directory Pretty simple install and not worth paying the dealer if you have right tools.

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