Executive summit 2014 – bangalore, india – september 30

The AWS cloud infrastructure has been architected to be one of the most flexible and secure cloud computing environments available today. Journal artificial intelligence Security for AWS is about three related elements: visibility, auditability, and control. Artificial intelligence criticism You have to know what you have and where it is before you can assess the environment against best practices, internal standards, and compliance standards.

Artificial intelligence research project ideas Controls enable you to place precise, well-understood limits on the access to your information. Artificial intelligence latest developments Did you know, for example, that you can define a rule that says that “Tom is the only person who can access this data object that I store with Amazon, and he can only do so from his corporate desktop on the corporate network, from Monday-Friday 9-5 and when he uses MFA?” That’s the level of granularity you can choose to implement if you wish. Latest technology in artificial intelligence In this session, we’ll cover these topics to provide a practical understanding of the security programs, procedures, and best practices you can use to enhance your current security posture.

Cloud computing gives you a number of advantages, such as being able to scale your application on demand. Movie with artificial intelligence As a new business looking to use the cloud, you inevitably ask yourself, “Where do I start?” Join us in this session to understand best practices for scaling your resources from zero to millions of users. Artificial intelligence study We will show you how to best combine different AWS services, make smarter decisions for architecting your application, and best practices for scaling your infrastructure in the cloud.

Cost is often the conversation starter when customers think about moving to the cloud. Human and artificial intelligence AWS helps lower costs for customers through its “pay only for what you use” pricing model, frequent price drops, and pricing model choice to support variable & stable workloads. Ai artificial intelligence film In this session, you will learn about the financial considerations of owning and operating a traditional data center or managed hosting provider versus utilizing AWS. Artificial intelligence ii We will detail our TCO methodology and showcase cost comparisons for some common customer use-cases. Artificial intelligence research fields We’ll also cover a few AWS cost optimization areas, including Spot and Reserved Instances, EC2 Auto Scaling, and consolidated billing.

One of the key principles at Amazon is that we start with customers and work backwards. Computer science and artificial intelligence Increased agility, elasticity, focus on core business, optimized costs, and better security are all good outcomes when it comes to working with AWS. Genetic algorithm in artificial intelligence examples But, for an enterprise with many existing complex applications, integrated operations, and sophisticated teams, this integration and transition requires thought and planning. Latest research papers on artificial intelligence Within this session, we will start with a typical enterprise customer and work backwards step by step to show how an extreme IT makeover it possible with reusable examples; demonstrating that an application doesn’t have to be written for cloud to realize cloud’s benefits. Prerequisites for artificial intelligence Many large-scale shops are already leveraging AWS without sacrificing what they are good at, and we will explain the framework for kicking off this initiative within your own organization.

Bikram Singh Bedi is the Head of India for Amazon Internet Services Pvt. Artificial intelligence facts Ltd. About artificial intelligence Bikram leads the team that helps businesses of all sizes across the region learn about the Amazon Web Services cloud computing platform, allowing them to save money, accelerate their time to market, and focus on their core business. Artificial intelligence project report Bikram has over 19 years of experience including managing various business’s in senior leadership roles across ASEAN, Asia Pacific and India geographies for various IT and Telecom-based products and services organisations like IBM and Oracle. Pengertian artificial intelligence Prior to joining Amazon Web Services, Bikram’s last assignment was as the VP of the middleware business at Oracle India.

Santanu Dutt is a Senior Architect and Technology Evangelist with Amazon Internet Services Pvt. Artificial intelligence software free download for windows 7 Ltd., and is responsible for educating companies about the services available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. Founders of artificial intelligence He also helps them understand the best practices for building highly scalable and resilient applications on the AWS Cloud.

He is a regular speaker at industry conferences organized by NASSCOM, eTailing India, TIE among others evangelizing technologies like Cloud Computing and Big Data.

Prior to joining Amazon, he has worked with large Indian enterprises and System Integrators as part of their Infrastructure Migration, Virtualization, Consolidation and Systems Management teams. What is knowledge in artificial intelligence In the past, Santanu has also lived and worked out of the United States and the UK as part of various Services Delivery roles.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics from the Mumbai University. Ai artificial intelligence full movie He likes spending time with family and friends and is an avid follower of sports. Learn artificial intelligence programming He enjoys travelling extensively and meeting people from diverse cultures across the globe.

Shailesh Albuquerque is a Solutions Architect with Amazon Internet Services Pvt. Understanding artificial intelligence Ltd. where he is responsible for educating companies with the service offerings of the AWS platform, as well as helping them with architecture best practices to build highly scalable and resilient applications on the AWS Cloud. Tutorial on artificial intelligence He is actively involved in evangelizing Cloud Computing at various industry conferences and forums.

Prior to joining Amazon, he has worked with Indian and global system integrators and has experience in designing large scale Infrastructure Platforms, Network Systems , Information Security and Enterprise Applications.

Shailesh has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Communication from Mangalore University. Define production system in artificial intelligence He spends his spare time, reading, listening to music and following his favorite TV shows.

Stephen is the principal security solutions architect for AWS in Asia Pacific. What does artificial intelligence mean He leads the conversation on security and compliance with companies from all sectors and government agencies of all sizes as they develop and implement strategies to move to AWS. Benefits of artificial intelligence His role includes presenting on how AWS looks after the security of the cloud and how customers can safely put their content in the cloud, building their own scalable services that meet their own security needs. Artificial intelligence books amazon He also works to advise and influence Government and Regulatory Authorities as they adapt to the cloud, providing thought leadership and ideas to reduce fear and build confidence as people move away from building and managing their own physical assets.

Before moving to Amazon, Stephen led PwC’s cyber security practice, was an advisor to the UK government on cyber security matters and provided expert advice to some of the world’s largest oil and finance companies on security.

Jagdish Belwal, CIO for Tata Motors has a business and IT experience of 19 years. Why study artificial intelligence He began his career with customer service and channel management in construction equipment and commercial vehicle business units of Tata Motors. Latest development in artificial intelligence He is founder member of Customer Relationship Management Program of Tata Motors which covers Sales, Service, Spares, Inventory, Used Cars, Complaints, Call center, Loyalty, Key Account management and Marketing. Artificial intelligence pics The entire program is underlined by extensive analytics and is being used by all channel partners and customers facing units of Tata Motors.

Post his CRM stint, Jagdish took over as CIO of Tata Motors in 2009. Artificial intelligence tutorial His focus has been on business value driven IT management. Artificial intelligence corporation He has directed successful programs in outsourcing, SOA/ BPM, Analytics, Cloud, Business- IT collaboration, Global contracting, IT Strategy and IT operating model.

Krishnenjit Roy is responsible for managing Infrastructure, Devops, NOC and Information Security at Freshdesk. Latest news about artificial intelligence He 15 years of experience in Infrastructure design, implementing large networks and system architecture for various applications with enterprise security management.

He has designed & developed strategic business objectives for Large Enterprises to ensure that projects are structured to deliver maximum return on investment in the shortest amount of time, besides architecting and deploying new IT solutions by conducting project and risk planning sessions ensuring a high probability of project success.

As Vice President of Engineering at PubMatic, Shrirang is responsible for global product development and support for PubMatic’s industry leading platform. Artificial intelligence research projects His focus areas include technology product innovation and scaling engineering processes for rapid product development and enhancing customer service.

Prior to PubMatic, Shrirang was VP R&D leading the OSS Division at Amdocs. Best artificial intelligence research universities He has been the founding member of the Amdocs Innovation Board and the executive sponsor of the Innovation Program at Amdocs India and Amdocs Open Innovation Program working with technical and business universities around the world.

Shrirang also worked for Tata Consultancy Services for many years in different roles including as a founder and lead for their Mobile Computing and product R&D services. Characteristics of artificial intelligence He has over 20 years of experience spanning across internet, telecom, big data and enterprise software product development. Artificial intelligence tutorial pdf His global experience includes work in Israel, the UK, the US and India.

Ganesh Raja is a Solutions Architect with Amazon Seller Services Pvt. Artificial intelligence software examples Ltd where he is responsible for educating companies with the service offerings of the AWS platform, as well as helping them in their architecture with their best practices to build highly scalable and resilient applications on the AWS Cloud. Artificial intelligence scientist He is also actively involved in running the AWS Meetup in Bangalore and is passionate about Big Data. Artificial intelligence definition ppt Prior to joining Amazon, he was responsible for working with large International Banks on architecting applications for Performance & Scale. Examples of artificial intelligence in medicine In the past, Ganesh has also lived and worked out of the United States and UK as part of various Services Delivery roles. Ai artificial intelligence free online Ganesh has a Post Graduate Degree from the University of Liverpool specializing in Information Technology. History of artificial intelligence He likes spending time with family and friends and is a music lover. What is artificial intelligence in computer He enjoys travelling extensively.

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