Eno center for transportation – capital convergence 2017

Transportation is at a historical turning point. New innovations in technology 2016 Thanks to dramatic technology advancements, the traveling public has a plethora of new options, the industry is full of new players, and traditional institutions are being forced to rethink their roles. New innovations in computer technology 2014 As policymakers and public agencies grapple with these changes, places around the country are designing partnerships, regulations and investments to continue to facilitate the convergence of transportation and technology.

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The Eno Center for Transportation is at the forefront of this national dialogue of developing appropriate public policy responses to these changes, and highlighting best practices both domestically and abroad. List of new innovations Building off Eno’s 2016 Convergence, Capital Convergence 2017 will focus on specific examples from metropolitan Washington and across the country. New innovations login After all, Washington was one of the first places in the country to authorize ride-hailing apps, clear the way legally for autonomous vehicles, permit car-sharing services, deploy dynamic tolling and pricing projects, and launch a high-tech bike-share system.

The conference, which is a part of Eno’s larger Digital Cities research and policy platform, brings together decision makers, government leaders, industry experts, academics, implementers, and visionaries to share their experiences with the convergence of transportation technology and public policy at the local, state and federal levels.

Technology continues to improve the shipment of goods. New and innovative ideas for business The largest area of improvement has been the direct-to-consumer model. New inventions and innovations This session will feature live demonstrations of new technologies that are attempting to transform freight. New innovations in computer technology 2015 Following the demonstration, this panel will explore the policy implications of these services, and what can be done to continue to encourage their effective and responsible deployment.

As autonomous vehicles now share public roads with cars, we are beyond speculation. New innovations in educational technology This session will focus on the implications of the recent federal AV guidelines and how cities and states can enact smart policies and regulations that can be employed today for an unknown future.

This panel will explore how agencies across the country have partnered with private-sector transportation network companies (TNC’s) to provide enhanced last-mile connections, paratransit services, and other services. New innovations in healthcare technology This discussion will focus on a variety of innovative partnerships, while exploring the legal and regulatory barriers around procurement and potential reform. New innovations residency It will also highlight the policy implications that these relationships have on transportation equity.

The importance of infrastructure as a national issue has gained notoriety in recent years. New innovations in mobile technology Some of the most innovative projects in transportation are happening in the Washington DC region. New innovations in banking technology This panel will examine the Maryland I-270 innovative congestion management project, the Virginia 495 and 95 dynamic pricing express lanes, the demand parking pilot pioneered by the District of Columbia, and other regional engagements as key examples of how technology can improve environmental effects while enhancing operations and efficiencies with the delivery of transportation services.

• Gregory Slater, Deputy Administrator, Planning, Engineering, Real Estate, and Environment, Maryland State Highway Administration, Maryland Department of Transportation

USDOT’s $40 million Smart Cities Challenge was awarded to Columbus, Ohio. New innovations residency login But despite not winning, other cities are moving forward with the innovative ideas in their proposals. New innovations 2014 This session will feature regions that participated in the competition, with a specific focus on the lessons learned from this process and how they are incorporating the broader goals of improved equity and environmental improvement.

The convergence of connected and automated vehicles promises enhanced safety, environmental, and operational benefits to consumers. New innovations resident login This session will explore the relationship of autonomous and connected vehicles, the results of recent pilot studies conducted by USDOT on vehicle to vehicle (V2V) and vehicle to infrastructure (V2I). What is new innovations Importantly, the panel will discuss how to standardize and pay for the deployment of the technology.

This session will challenge conference participants to brainstorm strategies needed to bring an automated vehicle shuttle to the region now. New innovations and inventions Using interactive graphics, participants will bring their collective expertise, experience and entrepreneurial spirit together to sketch policy, planning, communications, funding, finance and engagement strategies for prototyping shuttles and fleets on private and public roads. Best new innovations The session will propose an implementation concept and will delve into the practical regulatory, institutional, and technical challenges of autonomous vehicle deployment in metropolitan Washington.

$275 – Walk ins Members of Eno receive a 20% discount price for one registration. New innovations in packaging technology If you are interested in membership with Eno, contact Patrice Davenport at pdavenport@enotrans.org. New innovations in medical technology Students receive a 50% discounted price for one registration. New innovations of 2014 If you qualify for student pricing, contact Eno Public Affairs at publicaffairs@enotrans.org with proof of enrollment for your discount code.

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