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This guy is a total scam artist. Hdd recovery 2011 I have the same complaint ordered a book “free” was told that there was a 9.95 postage free. Recovery jacket Told them I did not want any additional items or to be charged beyond the book postage. Recovery keys jacksonville fl After going back and forth on this point the order taker suggested I get the “free” access to the on line website but said I would have to cancel in the first 30 days if I did not want to be charged. Recovery blepharoplasty I asked her to email this information to me as I was on the road and could not take notes. Recovery tns Never got an email but I sure got the charges. Recovery options champaign il When I called to request a refund stating that I had never accessed the website they said they would call me back in 48 hours after reviewing my original order phone call. Recovery after breast augmentation They never called back so I called them a week later and they played only the portion of the call where I accepted the on-line add on fees. Recovery glitch When I requested that they play the whole conversation to see that this was something I did not want they refused. Recovery theory When I asked to speak with a supervisor they refused me that option. Hard drive data recovery linux When I complained that this was just bad business and poor customer service the Customer Service rep just kept repeating that I had agreed to the the service. Recovery phase of business cycle Finally after about 35 minutes they agreed to give me back only one months charge and now I am waiting in the fear that they will continue to bill my card. Recovery statistics Next complaint goes to my credit card service and the Better Business Bureau and we will see how that turns out. Recovery links In the meantime, Avoid this guy like the Plague!

I would be interested in hearing from all individuals who feel that they have been made victims of or are being scammed by Bob Diamond and Premier Mentoring. Recovery engineering inc They have stolen $21, 820.00 from me through the sale of a real estate mentoring course. Recovery xbox 360 In which two of their pitchmen Brandon Godfrey and Mark Webster promised me untold riches by following the methods of the course with Bob Diamond, a real estate attorney in Philadelphia, PA, leading the way. Recovery photos I was fooled into believing that due to Bob Diamond’s credentials as a successful real estate investor, as well as, an attorney, I would not be allowed to fail. Hard drive data recovery nottingham I was guaranteed by Brandon Godfrey that they would show me how to make enough money so quickly, that I could pay off the $21, 820.00 charge, placed on my credit card for the purchase of the course, by the time the first payment came due. Hdd recovery machine After interviewing me, the Premier Mentoring staff member Brandon Godfrey told me that if I did not make a decision to purchase the program at that moment that I would never be offered the opportunity to do so again. Recovery rc boat He said that I would not be the kind of person that they would want to work with in the future. Recovery vacations Their pitchman Brandon Godfrey used high pressure sales tactics on me by saying that by me not making the decision to purchase the program, that I was someone not willing to make a better future for myself and my family. Recovery meaning By doing so, they preyed on my ability to charge the $21, 820.00 on two separate credit cards and then continued to lie to me just long enough for me to pass the window of opportunity to cancel the transaction for a refund. Hard drive data recovery service reviews The so-called mentoring staff they promised to be available for questions has never been helpful and has no clue to what the real estate market is like in my area. Recovery events 2016 They are never readily available to take calls. Recovery ctr Which put me in the position to always try to chase them down for help and meet their schedule. Recovery umbilical hernia surgery They even complained that I was sending in to many properties for them to review. Recovery miscarriage When that is what I was instructed to do. Hard drive data recovery houston Another one of the staff Mark Webster also instructed me, to what I now understand was a lie, to mislead real estate agents that funding for properties was not a problem. Recovery liposuction Leading me to believe that I could get funding through Premier Mentoring or Bob Diamond as they said when they were convincing me to purchase the course that they had lenders and investors just waiting to work with me. Free hdd recovery When in reality I was told later that I had to find my own funding. Hard drive data recovery austin tx I made it clear in the beginning that I had no ability to do so, due to my debt to income ratio. Hdd recovery nedir The online course that was available and claimed by their mentoring agreement to be a “unique learning experience” was nothing more than information that anyone could find on their own, certainly not worth the $21, 820.00 price tag. Recovery james arthur lyrics One of the principles taught is to use OPM (Other People’s Money) and not your own when funding the real estate purchases. Recovery anniversary cards It is my belief, that Premier Mentoring and Bob Diamond is using my $21, 820.00 to finance a part of their own real estate ventures. Recovery nrg I guess by stealing an unsuspecting individuals resources, such as myself, is one way to put that principle to use. Recovery education I was also led to believe that Premier Mentoring was Bob Diamond’s company, when in reality it is a front for several of the so-called real estate and wealth building gurus like Armando Montelongo, Charrissa Cawley, A. Hard drive data recovery virginia D. Recovery lumpectomy Kessler, Loral Langemeir and others as well. Hdd data recovery software with crack The Better Business Bureau in UTAH can confirm this. Recovery goals See link… Recovery village baker city ? I am in the process of disputing the charges on my credit card but they are putting up a fight. Recovery elbow surgery Let me hear from you if you have a grievance with these scam artists. Recovery is happening You are not alone! There is strength in numbers! You may contact me at:

Just watched the Attorney X webinar… Recovery drive windows 10 Does anyone know what instrument Bob teaches to take title to the property from the Seller/Borrower, after you have successfully negotiated acceptable terms with the Bank(s) (e.g. Recovery operations Trust, Land Contract, Trust Conveyance, AITD, Mortgage Assignment, Etc.). Recovery treatment Everything else he talks about is pretty common knowledge to any Real Estate Investor that has done more than a few deals, or even has just been researching and experimenting with what works and what doesn’t… Recovery oh The bottom line is, nothing is easy, when you stand to make a greater share of the almighty dollar… Hd file recovery software NO magic pills, formulas, systems, etc. Recovery pathways bay city I have been a successful Real Estate Broker, Mortgage Broker, and Investor for 24 years now, and have bought, sold, managed, and financed (both residential & commercial properties) approximately 1.5 BILLION dollars worth of Real Estate transactions Nationwide. Toshiba hdd recovery update tool In addition to running our Real Estate and Mortgage Brokerage operations, our Investment Company has bought (for ALL Cash) and sold close to 35 properties just in the last 9 months (including REO’s, Trustee Sales, Short Sales, Investor NOD’s, etc.) and anyone that preaches that you can do this easily and virtually overnight with NO experience, NO money, and NO credit is just flat out selling you down the road for major disapointment… Recovery center monticello ny Make NO mistake, I know ALL the so called GURUS out there (many associated w/Premier Mentoring) and they are all after ONE thing… Recovery associates johnson city tn SELL more courses, seminars, and coaching programs… Hdd crash in recovery Sure they all have done and still do deals themselves, but the REAL money is in selling their educational products… Corrupted hdd recovery Also, becasue it’s soooooooo easy to take advantage of unsuspecting and most of the time desperate get rich quick seekers (like the people complaining on this blog)… Hard drive data recovery nj You notice how they all stick together and even cross sell each others products (they typically make 50% of the profit on the sale of another GURUS program) I know this because I have been asked to sell their courses to my sphere of influences… Recovery period for gallbladder surgery But, I won’t do it!!! I JUST DO DEALS and share my expericenc and expertise with people that are part of my team… Dvd data recovery for mac ONLY WIN WIN situations… Hard drive data recovery service singapore Maybe some day I will go into training serious Real Estate Investors for FREE!!! That will really piss them off… Recovery my file download LOL… Recovery error code 0xc000000f Ok, this one question I had has turned into more than I have time for… Recovery by choice workbook Gotta go DO DEALS!!! Anyone that can get me that answer, I will spend up to 2 hours on the phone with, telling you everything I know for FREE!!! Bye for now… Recovery key faq ~Investor X

I understand how you feel, however, it is Premier Mentoring that is the culprit, Bob Diamond, because of all the complaints, has taken steps to rectify the problem with these people that are selling his product.

These people have to be stopped they take people hard earned money, then they lie and cheat and threaten thinking they can bully people and in fact I am sick and tired of bully’s and in fact an over the internet contract I do not believe would hold up in court you did not actually sign and have it Noterized.

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