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I started in radio nearly 20 years ago, and in that time, I’ve seen advertising evolve into something that’s multi-layered and dynamic. Login webmaster tools What started as one radio station and one audience became a radio cluster, followed by satellite and streaming.

There wasn’t a Zero Moment of Truth (online research).

Webmaster tools disavow links Advertising drove the First Moment of Truth. Webmaster tools tools The Ultimate Moment of Truth wasn’t hundreds of online reviews or recommendations sourced online, it was talking to friends and family over fences and on phones.

In the late ‘90s media measuring firms like Nielsen and Media Audit combined media habits with behavioral traits like “intent to purchase.” Television shows had psychographic profiles blending demographics with psychographics (or lifestyle choices) to target potential customers. Keywords webmaster tools Quantitative information met qualitative.

Savvy business owners use both traditional and digital media to get their message to potential customers. Google webmaster tools google analytics And the message must stand out. Webmaster tools app Consumers are exposed to thousands of brand reminders a day across several devices and mediums and an unlimited number of channels. How to get webmaster tools verification code So it’s even more important your messages grab and hold their attention.

Today’s consumers aren’t just going to walk in or call. On the webmaster tools home page Instead, they expect to fully engage a business in when and how they choose. Webmaster tools crawl For example, suppose Emma sees a local restaurant’s print or digital ad. Webmaster tools meta tag In today’s digital world, Emma has many online options before she goes there. Contact webmaster tools She can:

So while the original ad caught her eye, and put that restaurant top of mind, it was information Emma found online that helped her decide whether to become a customer. Best webmaster tools If the restaurant’s online presence didn’t live up to her expectations – or even worse had bad information – it’s unlikely Emma would ever spend money there.

Advertising has always been more marathon than sprint, but today in this age of instant accessibility, it is pivotal to create an accurate and welcoming online presence and have a consistent and engaging message.

We help business owners – from large corporations to mom-and-pops — make sense of their digital opportunities. Webmaster tools english We promote your goods and services in a way that maximizes your investment and builds long term value. Webmaster tools tutorial 2015 You not only target your customers, you more accurately track your marketing.

Translating digital-speak into understandable terms is part of our mission. Webmaster tools submit url to index We know how to use traditional and digital methods to grow your customer base. Free webmaster tools Most importantly, we know how to tell your story. Top webmaster tools It’s not unlike how we’ve grown our own audience.

Note: This Valentine’s Day, we’d encourage you to turn off all devices and spend quality time with the ones you love. Webmaster tools tracking code But we know you might glance at a screen and we’re going to take this installment of the Real Deal to explain a major change for every website, and loosely use the term love while we’re at it.

We love the internet. Webmaster seo tools We spend more time online than we do just about anything else, connecting with the things we’re interested in and care about. Gogole webmaster tools But if that love is to be protected, much less grow, it needs to be trusted.

By default, all websites operate on the HTTP protocol and only pages asking for sensitive information – passwords, bank or medical information – were required to be secure on HTTPS. Webmaster tools sitelinks Yes, that “S” at the end stands for Secure!

If HTTP is the protocol by which your browser communicates with websites, HTTPS ensures that communication is encrypted, so only your browser and the website you’re communicating with can see what is going back and forth.

You can always easily identify if your using HTTPS by looking at the URL bar of your browser. Best free webmaster tools If HTTPS is being implemented, you will see a “padlock” graphic and oftentimes the word “Secure.” If that’s not there, it’s not secure.

With the proliferation of cookies and other technologies that track or can maliciously interfere with your online activities, a lot of information can be gathered that ultimately can threaten your web presence and the privacy of individual users.

“We’re also working to make the Internet safer more broadly…,” explained the Google Webmaster Central Blog in 2014. Webmaster tools blog “A big part of that is making sure that websites people access from Google are secure. Webmaster tools yoast “We want to go even further. Webmaster tools www … we called for ‘ HTTPS everywhere’ on the web.”

When Google announced its HTTPS Everywhere initiative, only 1% of global searches saw an impact in rankings from converting to HTTPS. Analytics webmaster tools Testing overall seemed fairly inconclusive on its importance and it was far down on the list for most SEO teams.

Plus, SSL certificates cost money and maintenance. Webmaster tools for blogger That changed last year when the Internet Security Research Group, a collaborative project of the Linux Foundation, released Let’s Encrypt SSL for free. Download webmaster tools That made it easy for every website to add an SSL certificate. Webmaster tools video If you don’t currently have an SSL certificate for you site, just about every hosting company is now installing the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for free.

Well, Google just gave the transition to HTTPS a big shove with the new update for its Chrome browser – the number one leading internet browser in the world, with twice the usage rate of its nearest competitor, Apple’s Safari.

“This is the first part of a staged rollout that encourages websites to get rid of plain old HTTP,” explained internet security experts Wordfence in their blog. Webmaster tools on google “The final step in the staged rollout will be that Chrome will label all plain HTTP pages as ‘Not secure.’”

With that final push, HTTPS adoption is expected to become widespread quickly and websites without it will suffer. Webmaster tools and analytics The conversion should be a one-time fix that will deliver permanent and long-term benefits.

It’s not necessarily simple, though, involving a focused effort of implementation and testing. Search analytics google webmaster tools Very broadly, here are the steps it will take to convert to HTTPS 1) Get and install the SSL certificate

If your website dynamically generates pages or uses Javascript or Ajax code, insure those that refer to HTTP are changed to HTTPS 4) Implement permanent redirects

Since your website has now changed from HTTP to HTTPS, you will need to update any links to your website on the citations and directory sites you control, like your Google My Business page, Facebook, Yelp, etc. Webmaster tools free 6) Update 3rd Party Tools

From Content Delivery Networks to emails to Google Adwords, be sure to use the new HTTPS. Webmaster tools site Critical to do for Google Analytics and Google Search Console, which should be installed on every website.

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