23 ppc keyword goldmines waiting to be uncovered

When dealing with a large AdWords account with hundreds of ad groups, look for keywords with a high number of conversions and a low CPA (cost per acquisition). Webmaster tools keyword planner Normally, it’s an indication that people’s search intent matches well with your value proposition.

Dynamic Search Ads aren’t as popular as other PPC campaign types.

Webmaster tools help That’s a shame because the DSA are the perfect tactic for filling in the gaps in keyword-targeting campaigns.

How the DSAs work: When Google finds new searches that are a match for your Dynamic Ad target URLs, it generates the ad headline and landing page URL with a dynamically inserted keyword. Submit webmaster tools The ad will link to the most relevant page on your website.

But when looking for new PPC keyword ideas for your AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns, DSAs work similarly to the Broad match keyword mining campaigns explained in the previous point.

Let’s say you found out that the keyword “online coffee” has 2k monthly searches in the US. Webmaster tools sitemaps However, none of your US competitors seem to bet on this PPC keyword.

Just like you’d do a background check on every perfect stranger introducing themselves on the street, you should also double check high search volume keywords by looking them up with Google Instant Search.

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